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Transcript of Saint Mannox journal:[]

5th of Harvest, 1108

K’irynn Urden himself appointed me First Acolyte today. I feel fortunate to haver finally met him, as his days seem near over. I was overwhelmed with prideful emotion at the thought that I was now to carry on the most important task of maintaining the wards.

1st of Darkfall, 1108

I presided over my first Panarii council today. All went well, and we established without a doubt the divinity of Nasrudin. The usual debate ensued, but this time we were able to convince those on the council who still held doubts that Nasrudin was indeed sent by the gods to lead us in this world.

15th of Darkfall, 1108

My mind is troubled. An elf by the name of K’ian Hua descended from the mountain today and has begun ingratiating himself into the council. He claims to be the son of an original Elven Council member, but I am not certain I believe him. The others have taken a liking to him, though, and seem to have no doubts as to the veracity of his tale. I do not know why he makes me uncomfortable, but I feel great distress when I am in his presence.

10th of New Sun, 1109

K’ian Hua has brought several of his elven folk in the fold. Worst, he is beginning to spread heresy about the truths of the church! He has insinuated that the wards are merely an outward representation of an inward discipline that we all must cultivate, or some such nonsense. He trivializes the life of the great Nasrudian by offhandedly suggesting that he never existed, that the who tale of Nasrudin and the banishment is allegorical! He has not been stating these preposterous theories outright, but I have engaged him in several philosophical debates on matters of doctrine, and have all but cornered him into admitting his beliefs. His animosity towards me is growing, but he is not my concern. It is the rest of the leadership. They welcome him… he offers an easier, less disciplined view of Panarii life.

35th of New Sun, 1109

Amidst my great turmoil I have been delivered a sign! I was visited today by the physical manifestation of Nasrudin! I am certain of this. As I was tending the wards (as I do these days with no help from my brothers) he appeared to me. He asked me all manner of questions, and appeared pleased when I explained how I was maintaining the wards. We walked for what seemed hours, and he even tested my faith by hinting that he knew Nasrudin, and that he was not divine! It was only after he departed that I realized I had actually been speaking with Nasrudin himself. I do not know from where this certainty comes, but I am sure in my heart that it was him.

37th of New Sun, 1109

K’ian Hua means to kill me. Yesterday, I confronted him with the news of my vision of Nasrudin, and he exploded with rage, calling me a heretic. Him calling me a heretic! I would laugh if the situation were not so desperate. I almost attacked him on the spot, but I called upon my training to calm my rage and quickly excused myself from his office. I then returned to my room to contemplate what my course of action should be. Later that night, as I was out performing my walking meditation, I was set upon by his elven cohorts. After killing several of them, I fled. I do not know what I shall do now. I know my life will end should I set foot in the temple again, but it is not my life that matters. The truth of the Panarii must live beyond me. I can only imagine the lies K’ian Hua has been spreading in my absence.

1st of Solstice, 1109

My exile is at an end. I have meditated on my situation, and I know what I must do. I will return to the temple and declare what I know for all to hear. I will leave my writings safely hidden here, along with my ceremonial sword, as I feel my death is at hand.  My soul I now commit to the hands of Nasrudin.


First Acolyte