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Scrolls are single-use consumable items which cast a specific spell when used.

A minimum of 4 Intelligence is required to read a scroll, and scrolls with 0% available spell power will have no effect. The higher the available spell power on certain scroll (or perhaps the user's magickal aptitude itself?), the greater their effect. For example, a Scroll of Succour Beast will summon a Tiger with lower spell power, or a Forest Ape with higher spell power. Available spell power is based on an item's magickal complexity, and scrolls containing higher-tiered spells have higher magickal complexity. The higher a character's magickal aptitude, the more available spell power they will have on a specific item (but, perhaps due to a bug, characters with technological aptitude will find that scrolls with higher-tiered spells have more available spell power than those with lower-tiered spells).

Scrolls can be bought from three types of magick shops, each with a different assortment of scrolls that the Living One can purchase. The price of a scroll depends on the tier of the spell it contains, from the cheap Scroll of Charm to the expensive Scroll of Teleportation. All three types of shops will buy any scroll. Scrolls can also be received as quest rewards, found in containers, or taken from other characters.

The Scroll of Exiting is notable because its effect is not based on an existing spell the player character can learn through Character Point investment. The scrolls Med Spider Heal, Kerghan's Attack, and Kerghan's Death are meant to be unobtainable, but can be acquired under certain circumstances.


Spells requiring sustainment will have varying durations, much like the case is with spells cast from weapon charges. It seems that scroll effects do not drain Fatigue at all, and that they do not take up sustainment slots despite it visually appearing so. When the PC's maximum sustainment slots are exceeded, a strange visual effect appears on the right side of the screen (fixed by opening and closing the character screen), and a visual glitch can be observed at the 5th sustainment slot (fixed by loading a save). It seems that all spell effects cast from scrolls have the same duration independent of the caster's magical aptitude/available spell power on the scroll.


The higher the tier of a scroll, the higher its value in shops (listed values may be inaccurate):

  • Tier 1 scrolls have a base price of 50 coins.
  • Tier 2 scrolls have a base price of 750 coins.
  • Tier 3 scrolls have a base price of 1500 coins.
  • Tier 4 scrolls have a base price of 2250 coins.
  • Tier 5 scrolls have a base price of 3000 coins.
  • Scroll of Exiting has a base price of 150 coins.

There are three types of magick shops, each selling different scrolls at varying generation chances:

  • General (located in Ashbury, ...)
  • Light (located in Tarant, Black Root, ...)
  • Dark (located in Tarant)


Scroll of...

Tier Duration




Disarm I Instant Dark (25%)
Unlocking Cantrip II Instant General (22%) Tarant (Frederick T. Fitzgerald; chest in Frederick's home; Pollock*)
Unseen Force III Instant Dark (25%) Tulla (Ve'Tura)
Spatial Distortion IV Instant Dark (25%)
Teleportation V Instant General (10%), Light (10%) Ashbury (Elven Trader), Tulla (Ve'Tura; Rys'Ard) Scroll is consumed before a destination is selected.
Sense Alignment I General (22%)
See Contents II Instant General (22%) Tarant (Frederick T. Fitzgerald; chest in Frederick's home)
Read Aura III Instant General (22%)
Sense Invisible/Traps IV 1 min 20 sec(?) Light (22%) The Black Mountain Mines [x9]
Divine Magick V Instant All (?) Qintarra (Fawn) Scroll is consumed without effect if right-clicked in the inventory. It seems that it cannot be used on hexed items.
Vitality of Air I General (22%)
Poison Vapours II Light (22%) Tulla (Wel'K'ene)
Call Winds III Instant General (10%), Dark (25%)
Body of Air IV 1 min 20 sec Light (22%) Tulla (Wel'K'ene)
Call Air Elemental V Light (10%)
Strength of Earth I None
Stone Throw II Instant General (10%), Light (22%) Tulla (Student of Magick)
Wall of Stone III None
Body of Stone IV Light (22%) Tulla (Addo Terrin)
Call Earth Elemental V Light (10%) Ashbury (Elven Trader), Tulla (Addo Terrin)
Agility of Fire I 1 min 20 sec Light (22%) Tarant (Frederick T. Fitzgerald)
Wall of Fire II General (?), Dark (25%)
Fireflash III Instant General (10%), Dark (20%) Tulla (Naph'Tha; Student of Magick)
Body of Fire IV Dark (25%) Tulla (Naph'Tha)
Call Fire Elemental V 1 min 10 sec Dark (10%)
Purity of Water I General (22%)
Call Fog II None
Squall of Ice III General (10%), Light (22%) Tulla (V'ed Eckes)
Body of Water IV Light (22%)
Call Water Elemental V Light (10%) Tulla (V'ed Eckes)
Shield of Protection I None
Jolt II Instant General (22%)
Wall of Force III None
Bolt of Lightning IV Instant Dark (25%)
Disintegrate V Instant Dark (5%) Tulla (Rys'Ard)
Charm I General (22%)
Stun II Instant General (10%), Light (22%)
Drain Will III General (10%), Light (22%) Tulla (Edgar Jeryll)
Nightmare IV General (10%), Dark (25%) Tulla (Edgar Jeryll), Tarant (Pollock*)
Dominate Will V 1 min 20 sec Dark (25%)
Resist Magick I General (10%), Light (22%)
Disperse Magick II Instant None Dernholm (Sir Garrick Stout), Tulla (Liam Raymond)
Dweomer Shield III None
Bonds of Magic IV None Tulla (Liam Raymond)
Reflection Shield V None
Hardened Hands I None
Weaken II None
Shrink III General (10%), Dark (25%) Tarant (Pollock*)
Flesh to Stone IV Instant General (10%), Light (22%) Tulla (S'Btin'ka)
Polymorph V Dark (10%) Tulla (S'Btin'ka)
Charm Beast I Light (22%)
Entangle II None
Control Beast III Dark (20%)
Succour Beast IV Light (22%) Qintarra (Whysper), Tulla (Ferko Lydell)
Regenerate V 10 sec Light (22%) Tulla (Ferko Lydell)
Harm I Instant None
Conjure Spirit II 1 min 20 sec Dark (25%)
Summon Undead III Dark (25%) Black Root (Tugal the Hedgewizard)
Create Undead IV Dark (25%) Tulla (D'ary)
Quench Life V Instant None Tulla (D'ary)
Minor Healing I Instant None
Halt Poison II Instant None
Major Healing III Instant Light (22%) Roseborough (female Innkeeper)
Sanctuary IV Light (15%) Tulla (Bilko Gavin [x2])
Resurrect V Instant All (?) Qintarra (Fawn [x2]), Caladon (container in Sobbing Onion basement) Followers can use it to resurrect PC.
Illuminate I None
Flash II Instant Light (22%)
Blur Sight III None
Phantasmal Fiend IV 1 min 10 sec Dark (25%) Tulla (Daemon Gardi, Herzod Munk*)
Invisibility V 1 min 20 sec Dark (10%) Tulla (Daemon Gardi)
Plague of Insects I None
Orcish Champion II None
Guardian Ogre III None
Hellgate IV Dark (15%) Tulla (Harold Sumner)
Familiar V Permanent Dark (10%) Tulla (Harold Sumner) It's permanent!
Magelock I None
Congeal Time II None
Hasten III Light (22%) Tulla (S'yala)
Stasis IV None
Tempus Fugit V 1 min 20 sec Light (10%) Tulla (S'yala) Speed bonus is given only to PC. Even their followers receive a speed penalty!
Exiting None Instant All (100% for x1, 50% for x2) The Black Mountain Mines, Qintarra (Fawn) Teleports the PC and their followers to the current location's starting point. Useful for leaving long dungeons or escaping dangerous situations in Turn-Based Mode. Works regardless of aptitude and available spell power!
Med Spider Heal None Instant None Arcanum (Medical Arachnid) Used by Medical Arachnid for healing, and instantly regenerates in its inventory when used. Can be looted from it when it dies.
Kerghan's Attack None Instant None The Void (Dragon Style Kerghan) Used by Dragon Style Kerghan when it generates in his inventory. Can be stolen if his Unpickpocketable flag is removed via Body of X spells. Other than visually, it seems to have no effect if used by the PC.
Kerghan's Death None Instant None The Void (Dragon Style Kerghan) Used by Dragon Style Kerghan when it generates in his inventory. Can be stolen if his Unpickpocketable flag is removed via Body of X spells. Can be targeted when used by PC and deals damage normally.
  • = Scroll is given as part of a quest and is not initially in the NPC's inventory.

(Sources: Prima's Official Strategy Guide for Arcanum and original research)

(Note: Not all instant durations are tested, based this on spell effect rather than scroll effect)

(Note: Add small icons representing each spell's magick college next to their names, maybe on the left?)

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