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This file is related to schematics, as well as their names and descriptions in-game.

// Some text used in schematic UI

{0}{You are missing required item(s).}
{1}{You lack the expertise to combine these items.}
{2}{You have successfully combined the items into a new item.}
{3}{This button will attempt to combine the items on the displayed schematic into a new item.}
{4}{This button will display learned schematics. Those are schematics you receive when you buy technological degrees.}
{5}{This button will display found schematics. Those are schematics you find in the world.}

// Text for use in schematic names and descriptions

{10}{Healing Salve}
{11}{Heal wounds quickly and easily! Taking full advantage of the natural healing properties of Ginka Root and Kadura Stem, this elixir restores one's health and biological energies without rest or prolonged hospitalization.}
{12}{Fatigue Restorer}
{13}{Advances in the science of herbology have now made it possible to restore vim and vigour in no time at all. By combining the leaves of the Coca and Tobacco plants, an elixir is produced with regenerative powers superior to those of any spell or incantation of magick.}
{14}{Poison Cure}
{15}{The restorative qualities of Kadura Stem are used once again, this time in this fast-acting cure for poison. A mixture that includes the very venom that it counteracts, this liquid is a must-have for any technologist adventurer who finds himself in quick need of an antidote! And tasteless as well! Perfect with morning tea!}
{16}{Fatigue Limiter}
{17}{Tired of running out of energy just before that crucial battle? Put your worries behind you once and for all! By combining the invigorating Fatigue Restorer and the Witchbane, one can create an unrivaled serum to expend energy more efficiently! You'll serve the killing blow with as much ease as your first strike! Incredible! }
{18}{Accelerate Healing}
{19}{The body is an incredible machine, with its own internal healing mechanisms. Unfortunately, one rarely finds himself with the time to let nature do her work. Now, by mixing the Healing Salve and the Coca Leaf, you can give her a little push. See the surprise on your enemy's face as you laugh at what normally would have been a disembowelment!}
{20}{Wonder Drug}
{21}{In this new world of fast-talking men and cure-alls, one often finds himself with a product that touts miracles and does nothing of the sort. Not so with the Wonder Drug! Through combining the Accelerate Healing and Poppy Flowers, a regenerative product is created that restores both your health and your energy! Guaranteed!}
{22}{Cure All}
{23}{Rarely do advances in science change the way we look at things forever. The Cure All is just one of those things. By taking the dependable Wonder Drug, and then adding one more part Big Chief Snake Oil, an amazing remedy is born in the form of the Cure All. All energy and health is revived! Poisons are cured! Impossible, but true!}


{24}{Strong Poison}
{25}{Chemistry is the basis for all biology, and the newest experiments have brought us this efficient liquid poison. Through combining common household items like Monroe's Cleaner and Varham's Aqua Vitae, even the most untested scientist can bring forth a poison to handle any infestation, orcish or otherwise.}
{27}{Extensive research into the chemical properties of liquids and metals has produced this wonder of the technological age. A charged Electrolyte Solution housed between Metal Plates allows even the most casual user the advantages of a mobile power source.}
{28}{Animal Scent}
{29}{Being mauled by wild beasts is the wish of no traveler who finds himself in the unmapped regions beyond civilization. One application of the astonishing Animal Scent, a mixture of Bromide and Morning Star Perfume, allows an individual to walk fearlessly through the most fearsome denizens of the forest! [Use in springtime not recommended.]}
{30}{Corrosive Acid}
{31}{The itinerant scientician is often in need of direct solutions to complex problems. Enter the Corrosive Acid. This cantankerous compound, made from Pete's Carbolic Acid and Sulphur Pills, immediately begins to corrode whatever it touches. Ponder for just a few moments, and the endless applications for this product become apparent!}
{33}{The mysteries of the brain are revealed through Hallucinite, an amazing product made from the mixture of Mushrooms and Varham's Aqua Vitae. When used on any foe, Hallucinite creates the most fantastic and frightening illusions, all within your opponent's very mind! Be a neurological nemesis with this phlogistic phenomenon!}
{35}{Oftentimes, death need not be the only solution, and the "Paralyzer" was made with this in mind! A combination of Potassium Chloride and the Strong Poison, this lethal liquid will leave their bodies completely disabled while you choose their fate. Be merciful, or save them for torture! Either way, you've won the day!}
{37}{Wondering how to get by that particularly vigilant sentry? We have the answer for you! By combining Hallucinite and Bromide, the guileful technologist can create the incomparable Anaesthisizer! Just one dose of this enigmatic elixir will have them drowsing for days! Remarkable!}

{38}{Electric Light}
{39}{Nature's most awesome force is tamed in this wonderful little device, composed of merely a small filament and a common household lantern. By the trapping of electrical flows in the filament, a person can carry a light into the darkest places without the discomfort usually produced by smoking, sputtering torches.}
{40}{Charged Ring}
{41}{Tests have shown the advantageous effects of electricity on the human nervous system, and this wonder of the scientific realm is a testament to that fact. Made of a Copper Ring and an electrical Capacitor, this charged ring gives the wearer increased reflexive performance and power.}
{42}{Flow Specktrometer}
{43}{Research has found the undeniable connection between electricity and magick, the result being the fabulous Flow Specktrometer! The combination of a Compass and Small Electrical Parts produces a device capable of sensing all manner of devious traps, even those of a magickal nature! Stupendous!}
{44}{Shocking Staff}
{45}{With technology, even the plainest items are transformed into awe-inspiring items of mayhem! By attaching a large electrical capacitor to any common staff, the powers of the Shocking Staff are brought to bear. One touch of this technological wonder unleashes a nightmarish electrical maelstrom!}
{46}{Chapeau of Magnetic Inversion}
{47}{Once was the time warriors had only to contend with a well-swung sword, but now a single bullet can overwhelm the most fearsome combatant. Worry no more! By combining a Top Hat and an Electrical Coil, the Chapeau of Magnetic Inversion creates a strong magnetic field! Avert bullets and arrows with ease!}
{48}{Healing Jacket}
{49}{Need that extra bit of vim and verve while out adventuring? Look no further than the Healing Jacket! Similar to the Charged Ring, this wonderful piece of technology utilizes the body's own electrical impulses to achieve an increased rate of healing and regeneration! And stylish as well!}
{50}{Tesla Rod}
{51}{For years men have marveled at the power of the lightning storm, and the latest research has bridled that power into the Tesla Rod. This technically advanced cousin of the Shocking Staff does one better by hurling raw bolts of energy at unsuspecting opponents! Searing burns and paralyzations are only the beginning!}

{52}{Molotov Cocktail}
{53}{Sick and tired of the same old barroom brawl? Looking to spice up your dreary duels? Well, the Molotov Cocktail is just the ticket! Made by combining Fuel and a common rag, this hot little number makes any situation into an explosive extravaganza! Try it today!}
{54}{Flash Grenade}
{55}{Oftentimes it is surprise, and not strength, that wins the day. This point is illustrated perfectly in the new Flash Grenade! Both lightweight and versatile, this remarkable gadget uses the explosive properties of Magnesium to blind and muddle opponents! Strike as they cower in fear and confusion!}
{56}{Smoke Grenade}
{57}{The dependable Smoke Grenade, created from Fertilizer and a Sugar, causes muddle and mayhem when thrown among opponents! Upon detonation, this wonderful device creates a billowing cloud of smoke that befuddles enemies, leaving you with the freedom to choose a surprise attack or a quick getaway!}
{58}{Stun Grenade}
{59}{Looking for that all-important advantage before going into battle? Look no more! By combining Stearic Acid and and Saltpeter, the Stun Grenade can give you the edge that you need! Detonation of this versatile piece of technology stuns your enemies, leaving you the opportunity to casually run them through! Unbelievable!}
{60}{Explosive Grenade}
{61}{Advanced research has revealed the violent reactivity of TNT, and the Explosive Grenade takes full advantage of those properties. By combining Black Powder and a Metal Can, the ingenuous technologist can create a weapon of unmatched destructive power! One throw and you'll watch the bodies pile up like cordwood!}
{62}{Fire Obstruction}
{63}{The latest developments in the Explosives discipline have brought to us the amazing Fire Obstruction! A simple mixture of Liquid Soap and Kerosene, the Fire Obstruction throws up a blazing wall of flame between you and your foes, keeping them at bay while you choose the weapon with which to dispatch of them!}
{65}{Like the Explosive Grenade, this new and exciting invention uses the reactive properties of TNT. Dynamite, the product of Nitroglycerin and Saltpeter, can be attached to doors and containers of all kinds. Imagine the surprised thief who opens your boudoir and finds that he's strangely missing his hand! Brilliant!}

//Gun Smithy
{66}{Hand Crafted Flintlock}
{67}{A technologist often needs to use whatever is at hand. By combining a Broken Flintlock Pistol and a Small Metal Tube, a wily technologist can create the Hand Crafted Flintlock Pistol! Perfect when there's just nothing else around!}
{68}{Fine Revolver}
{69}{Metallurgical advances have aided the discipline of gunsmithing in recent years, this well-balanced and elegant pistol has emerged as the first choice of scienticians and layman the world over. With an improved firing mechanism and chamber, this weapon has been shown to perform consistently and with greater magickal resistance.}
{70}{Repeater Rifle}
{71}{The successful marriage of the rifle and the pistol culminates in the Repeater Rifle. By combining a Revolver Chamber with the stability of a Hunting Rifle's longer stock, this weapon is perfect for both professional and casual use! And with increased range, the user is insured greater performance in battling magickal beasts and hooligans! Fanatastic!}
{72}{Hushed Revolver}
{73}{For years, technologists were forced to choose between superior firepower and stealth. No more! By combining the Fine Pistol and an Engine Muffler, the Hushed Revolver offers the versatility of a firearm without sacrificing the element of surprise! Silence is golden, and now it's fatal as well!}
{74}{Looking-Glass Rifle}
{75}{Marksmen and assassins have never been happier! By combining a Marksman's Rifle and a common telescope, the Looking Glass Rifle gives its user unparalleled range and accuracy! They'll be running for the hills as you pick them off from a distance like ducks in a pond!}
{76}{Hand Cannon}
{77}{Need some real firepower, but lacking the space in your carpetbag? The Hand Cannon is just what you're looking for! By combining the Clarington Rifle and the Fancy Pistol, you've got a full arsenal you can hold in one hand! Enjoy your evening pipe while your enemies fall like tenpins! Absolutely fantastic!}
{78}{Elephant Gun}
{79}{There are situations that arise when the only answer is power, and lots of it. The Elephant Gun was made specifically with those kinds of situations in mind. Through combining a big pipe with a Hunting Rifle, a weapon is created with enough power to stop a stampeding pachyderm, as well as various species of orc and ogre!}

{80}{Spike Trap}
{81}{Sure to stop the most ferocious and ill-mannered adversaries, this simple device is perfect for even the most novice of mechanics. Utilization of the most basic physical forces ensure that the spring drives the spike through almost anything that steps on it-the possibilities for its use are endless and exciting!}
{82}{Trap Springer}
{83}{Have you been the victim of a deviously placed trap? Missing fingers, toes or various other limbs as proof of this fact? Worry no more! The Trap Springer, made from a Metal Casing and a Small Spring, is placed upon any questionable door or container, springing mechanical traps while the cautious gent watches from a safe distance!}
{84}{Auto Skeleton Key}
{85}{The secrets of the locksmith are laid bare when one uses the Auto Skeleton Key. Built to the general specifications of most known lock mechanisms, this simple tool increases the chances of opening almost any conventional lock. [We understand the implications of such a device, and expect both sound judgment and discernment in its use.]}
{86}{Eye Gear}
{87}{Eyesight not so good? Losing those important battles because you just didn't see the attack coming? Then the Eye Gear is perfect for you! Made from Pocket Watch Parts and regular eyeglasses, the Eye Gear affords you increased visual perception, both during the day and at night! Never again suffer the vagaries of an ocular handicap!}
{88}{Bear Trap}
{89}{Immobilizing your quarry is the key to a successful hunt. The Bear Trap, made from the unification of a Metal Clamp and a Large Spring, does just that and more! Not only does this amazing device hold your prey, but it also does a considerable amount of damage while doing so! Remarkable!}
{90}{Clockwork Decoy}
{91}{The trademark of the modern technologist is ingenuity, a fact clearly established with the invention of the Clockwork Decoy. This mechanical wonder is equipped with a powerful spring mechanism, and is perfect for creating diversions and confounding the most dangerous foes! Brain them at your leisure while their attentions are turned!}
{92}{Mechanized Arachnid}
{93}{This wonder of the new scientific age is assembled from an hydraulic assemblage of mechanical parts driven by a miniature steam powered assembly, and controlled by an amazing clockwork mechanism. Also equipped with large extendable claws to aid in subduing any opponents, it folds into a small compact shape for ease of transportation.}

{94}{Pure Ore}
{95}{Smelting techniques have improved so vastly in the last century that it is possible to create an ore so pure that use of any other would be a travesty and a disgrace to the Smithy discipline. Such are the properties of Pure Ore, an amalgam of iron and steel that allows both increased strength and lightness.}
{96}{Balanced Sword}
{97}{Taking full advantage of the metallurgical properties of Pure Ore, the Sword of Balance offers deadly speed and increased accuracy in battle, as well as the comfort of a finely-made hilt. You're guaranteed to walk off the battlefield while your opponents stand in awe of your weaponry, nursing their wounds or lamenting their disfigurements.}
{98}{Feather-Weight Axe}
{99}{Dwarven technologists often supply us with the most innovative and useful items. The Ultralite Axe is no exception. Through combining Dwarven Ore and a common Oak Axe Handle, an axe is created with only half the weight of a common axe! Maimings and decapitations have never been easier!}
{100}{Dwarven Gauntlets}
{101}{Again, the Dwarven mind brings to us a technological device without equal! Dwarven Gauntlets, the product of Sheet Metal and Leather Gloves, offer their wearer increased hand-to-hand power when it's needed! When the old, trusty sword finally breaks, your Dwarven Gauntlets are there to win the day!}
{102}{Helmet of Vision}
{103}{Have dark dungeons been your demise? Been ambushed in a foggy forest? Well, those days are over! The Helmet of Vision, made by combining a Great Helm and Leather Straps, gives you unequaled and, more importantly, unobstructed vision when the situation arises!}
{104}{Feather-Weight Chainmail}
{105}{Chainmail has always been the choice of the selective, mobile adventurer. Now, with Feather-Weight Chainmail, made from a Spool of Heavy Wire and Leather Armor, that same adventurer can go into battle with the same protection but half the weight! After skewering your slower opponents, you'll never wear anything else!}
{106}{Elite Platemail}
{107}{The secrets of the Dwarven armorers have been revealed! Elite Platemail, a product of Dwarven Steel and Feather-Weight Chain, affords its wearer unrivaled bodily protection, while also allowing him to move about with less noise and ruckus than standard Plate. You've never been safer, or more deadly!}

{108}{Elixir of Persuasion}
{109}{Is the art of argument not your strong point? Having trouble convincing even the dullest of individuals that the sky is blue? Then the Potion of Persuasion is for you! By mixing equal parts of Mercury, and Dr. Rose's Migraine Cure, you'll be able to talk circles around the most sharp-witted scholar! Fantastic!}
{110}{Elixir of Physical Prowess}
{111}{Bodily strength is absolutely essential to successful performance in many endeavors, and now, with the aid of this amazing elixir, you can be assured of increased strength and vigour at any time! By mixing Spirit of Camphor and Famous Blood Pills, one swallow of this elixir makes you a muscle-bound marvel!}
{112}{Liquid of Awareness}
{113}{Ever been caught in a particularly nasty dungeon, and your torch goes out? What to do? Now, with the Liquid of Awareness, made from Migraine Cure and Doolittle's Glyceride you never need worry again! Just one dose of this elixir, and you'll have the increased visual acuity necessary to get you through those sticky situations!}
{114}{Tonic of Increased Reflexes}
{115}{Ever been undone due to a slow set of reflexes? Those days are now behind you! Any competent technologist, by combining Tincture of Arnica and Rheumatism Cure, can produce the incomparable Tonic of Increased Reflexes! You'll be cleaning your sword before they even know they've been dismembered!}
{116}{Mind Marvel}
{117}{After discovering the Elixir of Persuasion, scientists took the next step to create the amazing Mind Marvel! A product of Nerve Pills and the Elixir of Persuasion, this cerebral serum increases the brain's performance, allowing greater mental feats, increased mental stamina, and better perception when the need arises.}
{119}{Is the mind willing, but the flesh weak? Find yourself lacking the strength and stamina to finish that last leg of the journey? Then look no further than the Energizer! A combination of Melton's Quinine and the Potion of Physical Prowess, this tonic provides you with unparalleled physical stature! Go from hapless to Hero in seconds!}
{121}{Scientists have happened upon perhaps the most amazing technological discovery of our time...the Revitalizer! A mixture of the Mind Marvel and the Energizer, the Revitalizer will allow you to perform miracles of the mind and of the body! Become an unstoppable, physical force while mentally moving mountains! Astonishing!}

//Found Schematics 500 - 999

//Herbology (500-559)
{501}{That last big battle got you feeling a little low? Wondering how you're going to make it through the next to-the-death duel? Well, look no further than the incomparable Invigorator! By combining the Fatigue Restorer and the Heal Accelerator, you'll get a physical boost that's second to none!}
{503}{[This schematic is printed on a strange sort of paper, and looks to be very old. The writing is faded almost beyond recognition.] Experiments upon the life force..........regenerative chemical compounds...........unbelievable results.......completely revived and functioning normally.....advances....Vendigrothian science.....}
{504}{Clockwork Physician}
{505}{Ever been in the midst of battle, and find yourself without the time to uncork that heal potion? If so, then the Clockwork Physician is just what you're looking for! Made from a standard Clockwork Decoy and the Wonder Drug, this little miracle senses when you're hurt and applies the appropriate dosage! Incredible!}
{506}{Miracle Cure}
{507}{Just when you thought you'd seen all there was to see! Here comes the Miracle Cure! By mixing the Wonder Drug and the Fortifier, this unbelievable elixir not only completely heals you, but it also temporarily increases the rate at which your body heals itself! Do miracles never cease?}

//Chemistry (560-619)
{560}{Mental Inhibitor}
{561}{Looking for an extra advantage against that inimical magick user? Look no further than the amazing Mental Inhibitor. Through combining Acid and the Mind Marvel, you can create an insidious weapon to dull the wizard's willpower! You'll have him run through while he's still trying to remember even the most basic of spells!}
{563}{Are you always the last man standing? Surrounded by the corpses of friends who just didn't make the grade? Well, with the astonishing Necromizer, you can put those comrades to good use! By combining the Fortifier and a large capacitor, you can raise even the most mutilated of corpses to fight mindlessly by your side!}
{565}{Feeling down just before that all-important to-the-death duel? Dozing just before the decisive battle? Then look no further than the Fortifier! By combining a common bottle of Wine and Varham's Aqua Vitae, you can create an elixir to bring back your energy, and make you a more formidable opponent! Fascinating!}
{568}{Potion of Paralysis}
{569}{Oftentimes, death need not be the only solution, and the Potion of Paralysis was made with this in mind! A combination of the Mushrooms and the Varham's Aqua Vitae, this lethal liquid will leave their bodies completely disabled while you choose their fate. Be merciful, or save them for torture! Either way, you've won the day!}
{571}{Today’s technologist is often in need of a quick and accessible source of fuel, and knowledge in chemistry makes this a reality. By using easily found objects as a bottle of Moone’s Fine Wine and common brewer’s yeast, an efficient fuel is created. [Warning: Personal consumption of fuel not recommended.]}

//Electrical (620-679)
{620}{Charged Sword}
{621}{Looking for something to spice up the old, trusty sword? Look no further! By combining a Large Capacitor with a Balanced Sword, the cunning warrior can bring the Charged Sword to bear! Each hit of this electrical wonder brings forth a veritable fountain of voluminous voltage! Wonderful!}
{622}{Flow Disruptor}
{623}{Only now have we discovered the magick-disrupting properties of electricity, and those properties are taken full advantage of in the Flow Disruptor! This incredible shield, made by combining an Electrical Harness and a Quality Iron Shield, not only protects you from physical attacks, but also interferes with spells thrown at it! Stupendous!}
{624}{Tesla Gun}
{625}{Behold the combination of the two most powerful technological disciplines in the world! The Tesla Gun! A combination of the Tesla Rod and the Looking Glass Rifle, the Tesla Gun is able to fire raw bolts of electricity, both further and more accurately than any weapon to date! Absolutely phenomenal!}
{627}{Looking for an inconspicuous decoy to get you past the patrol? Then the Bellringer is just what you need! This wonderful little device, made from a Capacitor and Clock Parts, comes with a timer, so while its distracting the curious guard, you're sneaking past him to get the goods! Amazing!}
{629}{There a many deadly electrical weapons available today, and the intelligent technologist must armor himself accordingly. Electro-Armor was created with this very thought in mind! A combination of an Electrical Harness and Platemail, there is no better defense against electrical onslaughts! And stylish as well!}
{630}{Lemon and Potato Charges}
{631}{Today's technologist needs to be flexible-oftentimes, we find ourselves away from the urban sprawl that affords us our wares! Worry no more! By combining the decidedly agrarian Lemon and Potato, you can produce a technological power solution from the fruit of the farmer's labor! Splendid!}

//Explosives (680-739)
{680}{Pyrotechnic Bow}
{681}{Plain old wooden arrows just not getting the job done? Well, we've just the solution! The amazing Pyrotechnic Bow, made by combining the Fire Obstruction and the Compound Bow, shoots flaming arrows, which not only cause more bodily harm, but are also perfect for setting fire to that orcish village you've been despising for so long! Unbelievable!}
{682}{Knock out Gas}
{683}{Many technologists have enjoyed the powerful effects of the Stun Grenade, and now it's gone one step further! Ladies and gentlemen, behold the ineffable Knock Out Gas! By combining the Stun Grenade and the Anaesthisizer, a weapon is created that renders everyone within its range of influence completely unconscious! Unbelievable, but true!}
{684}{Hallucination Grenade}
{685}{Fear is always your greatest ally. And with the Hallucination Grenade, you can be assured that it is your most explosive one as well! By combining the Smoke Grenade and Hallucinite, you can create a weapon that, upon detonation, throws your nemesis into a nasty nightmare! Leave him whimpering or put him out of his misery! It's up to you!}
{686}{Electrocution Grenade}
{687}{Unfortunately, some creatures are well fortified against the raw force of a standard explosive grenade. For those special occasions, there is the Electrocution Grenade! By combining a Flash Grenade and a Large Capacitor, you can surprise them with an electrical explosion that should leave them wilted and whimpering!}
{688}{Grenade Launcher}
{689}{Sometimes, subtlety isn't going to get the job done. For those times, there is the Grenade Launcher! The product of combining the Elephant Gun and the Explosive Grenade, this ferocious firearm launches explosive projectiles at your enemies! Need we describe the result? Wonderful!}
{690}{Time Bomb}
{691}{Worried about losing a limb or two because of a fast fuse? Such worries are a thing of the past! With the Time Bomb, you can be a comfortable distance away before that fatal explosion! By combining Dynamite and Clock Parts, you'll can watch the destruction in comfort and safety! Genius!}
{692}{Concussion Grenade}
{693}{Looking to do some real damage to those pesky ogres? Then the Concussion Grenade is just what you're looking for! The combination of the Explosive Grenade and Sheet Metal, the Frag Grenade was created for the technologist who just needs that extra bit of assurance. They won't be getting up after this one rips them to tatters! Outstanding!}
{694}{Paralysis Grenade}
{695}{Oftentimes, death need not be the only solution, and the Paralysis Grenade was made with this in mind! The combination of the Stun Grenade and Poison, the Paralysis Grenade will leave their bodies completely disabled while you choose their fate. Be merciful, or save them for torture! Either way, you've won the day!}
{696}{Mustard Gas Grenade}
{697}{Newly developed by the brilliant scientific minds of our age, the Mustard Gas Grenade demoralizes one's opponents by burning the very membranes from their lungs! You'll have no trouble dispatching those maniacal mages as they lie suffocating! Absolutely fascinating!}
{699}{[Only for use with Plastique.] Directions: Place Plastique upon object you wish to destroy. Run from Plastique as quickly as possible. Lower protective eyewear. Use Detonator. Observe results.}
{701}{[Only for use with Plastique.] Directions: Place Plastique upon object you wish to destroy. Run from Plastique as quickly as possible. Lower protective eyewear. Use Detonator. Observe results.}
{702}{Flame Thrower}
{703}{Finding that your trusty old revolver just isn't making the grade against those pesky undead warriors? Well, the Flame Thrower is just what you've been waiting for! Made by combining the Repeater Rifle and the Fire Obstruction, this pyrotechnic wonder ignites an incomparable inferno that consumes everything, undead or otherwise!}
{705}{With the recent advances in the field of Gunsmithing, it only follows that similar steps forward are necessary in ammunition and explosives. Using the reactive properties of Charcoal and Saltpeter, a new and better bullet can be manufactured quickly and inexpensively. Effectively used in both pistols and rifles.}

//Gun Smithy (740-799)
{740}{Mechanized Gun}
{741}{Modern day weaponry has reached the proverbial pinnacle! Enter the Mechanized Gun! Made through combining a self-loading chamber and the Repeater Rifle, this technological terror will rain down a barrage of bullets on your enemies in less time than it takes to butter your crumpet! Fantastic!}
{742}{Bronwyck's Gun}
{743}{[This schematic is printed on a strange sort of paper, and looks to be very old. The writing is faded almost beyond recognition.] Bronwyck's...........powerful chassis........Unparalleled design.......chemical properties of mithril.........violent reactions........controlled destruction........gunsmiths of Vendigroth......}
{744}{Acid Gun}
{745}{Is throwing that acid getting you uncomfortably close to your fearsome opponent? Then the Acid Gun is a must-have for you! By combining the Repeater Rifle and common Acid, you can fire acidic ammunition at the most vicious nemesis without having to worry about anything but the smell! Marvelous!}
{746}{Charged Accelerator Gun}
{747}{Speed often equates to power. The Charged Accelerator Gun illustrates this, clearly and fatally. By using the magnetic forces of an Electrical Coil with the trusty Repeater Rifle, this amazing weapon fires ammunition further, and with more destructive power than any weapon to date! Incredible, but true!}
{748}{Pyrotechnic Gun}
{749}{Research has shown that super-heated bullets do much more damage than conventional ammunition, and the Pyrotechnic Gun takes full advantage of this fact. By showering your opponent with these tiny infernos, they suffer both the impact and the subsequent burns! Be twice as smart, and twice as deadly!}
{750}{Blade Launcher}
{751}{Whether it be a Wyvern's hide or a warrior's armor, there are some things a bullet just won't puncture. Enter the Blade Launcher. By combing an Elephant Gun and Fine Steel Dagger, the Blade Launcher gets around the problem by using bigger ammunition. With the speed of a bullet and the edge of a dagger, there won't be anything left standing!}
{752}{High Velocity Pistol}
{753}{Speed is power, and nothing shows this better than the incredible High Velocity Pistol! The combination of the Accelerator Gun and the Fancy Pistol, this marvelous little firearm accelerates its ammunition to unbelievable speeds, doing considerably more damage upon impact! Never before has so much power come in such a small package!}
{754}{Schreck's Multi-Barreled Pistol}
{755}{Simply put, sometimes more is better. If one is good, then six must be even better! With Schreck's Multi-Barreled Pistol, you'll never lose that battle for lack of bullets flying. With its unique multi-fire barrel, this technological wonder can fire six bullets at once! Hit every major organ with one pull of the trigger!}
{756}{Long Range Pistol}
{757}{In the past, snipers were forced to rely upon bulky rifles in order to ply their trade. Those days are behind us! With the Long Range Pistol, a combination of a Looking Glass Rifle and a Gun Chassis, the itinerant assassin can still fire at long range with the comfort of a hand-held pistol! Absolutely wonderful!}
{758}{Tranquilizer Gun}
{759}{In most cases, a sleeping guard attracts less attention than one with an entrance wound in his forehead. Enter the Tranquilizer Gun! A combination of the Marksman's Rifle and the Sleep Aid, this fortuitous little firearm renders the victim unconscious without the unavoidable mess of conventional firearms! They'll be dreaming instead of screaming!}
{760}{Droch's Warbringer}
{761}{[The writing on this schematic is faded, barely legible.]......deadly beyond compare.....Feramin Droch, master of gunsmithy has created......power beyond even the.......handle with care.....}

//Mecahnical (800-859)

{800}{Poison Arachnid}
{801}{This new and improved version of the popular Mechanized Arachnid comes fully equipped with poisoned blades. This fast acting poison not only weakens opponents, but also does so faster than most poisons available today! With added armor strength for durability and improved hydraulics for increased speed, the Poison Arachnid is a must for today's technologist!}
{803}{The future has arrived! The greatest minds in the Mechanical discipline have collaborated to create the most unbelievable and unparalleled technological creation of all time. All hail the the Automaton! With even more armor and power than the Mechanized Arachnid, this bipedal behemoth is the ultimate destructive force!}
{804}{Compound Bow}
{805}{Even the most tried and true of our traditional weapons can use a little technological improvement! With the new Compound Bow, a combination of Pullies and a standard Long Bow, you can fire with just as much power and accuracy as the finest elven hunting bows, and with only a fraction of the necessary arm strength! Remarkable!}
{806}{Envenomed Bow}
{807}{Unfortunately, we cannot always rely on accuracy when in combat. For those with a blurry eye or an unsteady hand, there is the Envenomed Bow. By coating the tips of its arrows with poison upon release, the Envenomed Bow allows the clumsy technologist a margin of error unknown until now! Amazing!}
{808}{Medical Arachnid}
{809}{In need of a technological ally with the healing power of the greatest Tullan mages? Look no further than the Medical Arachnid. By combining the Mechanized Arachnid and the Wonder Drug, you get a caring companion without the inevitable fuss and bother of a sniveling mage! Staying healthy has never been easier, or more enjoyable!}
{810}{Illuminated Decoy}
{811}{Dark dungeons got you down? Can't stand the shadows in those creepy catacombs? Throw some light on the situation! And there's nothing better to do it with than the Illuminated Decoy! By combining the Clockwork Decoy and a common electric light, you can illuminate even the tenebrous tunnels!}
{812}{Explosive Decoy}
{813}{A diversion is good, but a deadly diversion is even better! Behold the Explosive Decoy! Using the same technology that powers the incomparable Clockwork Decoy, this amazing little device includes a powerful Explosive Grenade to sweeten the deal! They won't stay curious for long!}
{814}{Automaton Gunner}
{815}{The world's most powerful technological weapon just got more powerful! By combining the Automaton with an Elephant Gun, the advanced Technologist can create the unstoppable Automaton Gunner! With all of the power and speed of its predecessor, this machine also has incredible firepower! Impossible, but true!}
{816}{Goggled Helmet}
{817}{Find yourself needing increased perceptive powers? Your prayers have been answered! The incredible Goggled Helmet, the combination of Eye Gear and the Helmet of Vision, will increase your perception beyond what anyone thought previously possible! Absolutely flabbergasting!}
{818}{Machined Platemail}
{819}{Behold the ultimate in armors-Machined Platemail. Powered by a Minute Steam Works, this technological miracle uses Elite Platemail for its defensive properties, while increasing the wearer's strength and resistance to most kinds of damage. This armor is a weapon in itself!}

//Smithy (860-919)

{860}{Wheel Clan Spectacles}
{861}{The Wheel cannot be found,
With the eyes of your birth.
But only with those of crystal,
With sight born of the earth.
{862}{Envenomed Sword}
{863}{Being a master swordsman means not only knowing how to use your weapon, but also knowing what weapon to use. For the wily warrior there is the Envenomed Sword! This fine sword, made by combining a Balanced Sword and Poison, ensures that every swing is a potentially fatal one! You can never be too sure!}
{864}{Envenomed Axe}
{865}{Is the old faithful axe on its last leg? Then the Envenomed Axe is just the thing you need! By combining the Feather-Weight Axe and Poison, you can have a weapon that's reliable in close combat, and that makes sure they stay down even from the most negligible of flesh wounds!}
{866}{Miner's Helmet}
{867}{Ever wonder how dwarves see so well in their caverns? Wonder no more! This authentic dwarven Miner's Helmet, a combination of the Helmet of Vision and an Electric Light, will have you seeing in those dark caverns like the most experienced dwarven sappers! And it's comfortable too!}
{868}{Pyrotechnic Axe}
{869}{Forget those uncontrollable Fire Elementals that are always attacking you instead of your enemies! With the Pyrotechnic Axe, made by combining the Feather-Weight Axe and Fuel, you can leave behind your magickal miseries and become a fiery god of the inferno all by yourself! Amazing!}
{870}{Rifled Cannon}
{871}{How many of us have seen our ammunition bounce off a particularly stout piece of armor? You'll never see that again with the Rifled Cannon! This ferocious firearm, made by combining Pure Ore and an Accelerator Gun, fires a special, armor-piercing bullet that will have them falling like tenpins before their swords are even drawn!}
{872}{Mechanical Dagger}
{873}{Has nature or nurture left you limp-wristed? Don't have the vim or the verve to drive home the killing blow? Then the Mechanical Dagger is for you! Made by combining a Fine Steel Dagger and Clock Parts, this technological wonder makes every strike a fatal one! Unbelievable!}
{874}{Vendigrothian War Guantlets}
{875}{[The writing on this schematic is faded, barely legible.] and fierce......lethal in most cases......unmatched craftmanship........}
{876}{Iron Key}
{877}{[The writing on this schematic is faded, barely legible.] Search ye.....Place of Iron...where lies the Stone......Voices......Book of Truth......of glass that opens......beyond belief......power, such power......}

//Therapeutics (920-999)
{920}{Elixir of Hypnotic Suggestion}
{921}{Science has finally unlocked the deepest secrets of the mind! With the Elixir of Hypnotic Suggestion, made through combining Elixir of Persuasion and Hallucinite, you can easily control both friend and foe alike with only the sound of your voice! They'll be completely unable to resist you commands! Utterly fantastic!}
{922}{Brain Builder}
{923}{Have you realized that your combat skills just aren't taking you as far as you'd hoped? Wishing you would have hit the books a little harder? No worry! With the Brain Builder, a combination of the Pete's Carbolic Acid and the Mind Marvel, you can have that grey matter for the small price of your physical prowess! Wonderful!}
{924}{Muscle Maker}
{925}{Got the brains, but need the brawn? Look no further than the amazing Muscle Maker! Made by combining Charges and the Elixir of Physical Prowess, you can use this elixir to make you an instant bodily behemoth while shedding some of that needless intellect as well! Absolutely brilliant!}
{927}{[The writing on this schematic is faded, barely legible.].....regenerative capabilities beyond even the most........all physical and mental characteristics.......subjects were faster, stronger, smarter and more.....}

//Title Schematics 1000 -
{1001}{The Science of Herbology can bring the wounded back from the gaping maw of death! Do not allow yourself to be caught DEAD without the ability to harness the power of plants to bring you back from the edge of certain defeat!}
{1003}{The realm of the Chemical Sciences reveals the wonders of substances sprung from the mind of modern man! From Fuel to Charges, from Corrosive Acid to Animal Lures, the wonders of Chemistry never cease to amaze!}
{1005}{Those with intimate knowledge of the Electric Sciences may never find themselves in the dark again! Command the gods' very own lightning at your fingertips, or heal heretofore-debilitating injuries in no time by harnessing the unleashed power of nature, tamed by man!}
{1007}{The excitement of researching new and unstable substances awaits the hearty individual that would brave the realm of the Explosive Discipline. The effect on living tissue of these creations must be seen in order to be believed!}
{1008}{Gun Smithy}
{1009}{No longer is death at a distance reserved for those handy with a bow! Become a Gun Smith and experience the thrill of assembling these brand new Scientific Marvels of Engineering, that when wielded by those of appropriate skill, make magick weapons of old seem obsolete!}
{1011}{Study the theories of the Mechanical Discipline and the clockwork nature of the universe reveals itself before your very eyes! Create machines whose very function mocks the will of the gods!}
{1013}{The Discipline of the Smithy has been revolutionized by technology! No longer must one slave away in dark mystical dungeons to create the finest armor ever known to Arcanum! People will swear that Magick is afoot, but we know better, don't we?}
{1015}{Physical laws will no longer seem to apply to you once the mysteries of Therapeutics are discerned! A bit befuddled? A tad slow to react when evil shows its face? With a sound knowledge of Therapeutics, these and other shortcomings need not bother you again!}