Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

Learned schematics[]

Skill Proficiency level
Novice Assistant Associate Technician Engineer Professor Doctorate
Herbology Healing Salve Fatigue Restorer Poison Cure Fatigue Limiter Accelerate Healing Wonder Drug Cure All
Chemistry Strong Poison Charges Animal Scent Corrosive Acid Hallucinite Paralyzer Anaesthisizer
Electrical Electric Light Charged Ring Flow Specktrometer Shocking Staff Chapeau of Magnetic Inversion Healing Jacket Tesla Rod
Explosives Molotov Cocktail Flash Grenade Smoke Grenade Stun Grenade Explosive Grenade Fire Obstruction Dynamite
Gun Smithy Hand Crafted Flintlock Pistol Fine Revolver Repeater Rifle Hushed Revolver Looking Glass Rifle Hand Cannon Elephant Gun
Mechanical Spike Trap Trap Springer Auto Skeleton Key Eye Gear Bear Trap Clockwork Decoy Mechanized Arachnid
Smithy Pure Ore Balanced Sword Feather-Weight Axe Dwarven Gauntlets Helmet of Vision Feather-Weight Chainmail Elite Platemail
Therapeutics Elixir of Persuasion Elixir of Physical Prowess Liquid of Awareness Tonic of Increased Reflexes Mind Marvel Energizer Revitalizer

Found and Purchased Schematics[]


  • Invigorator - (boosts hit points and fatigue points) Herbology Level 6
  • Miracle Cure - (heals to max) Herbology Level 7 *AND* Chemistry Level 5
  • Reanimator - (resurrects dead character) Herbology Level 6 *AND* Electrical Level 4
  • Wheel Clan Spectacles - (story quest- allows you to see the entrance to the Wheel Clan)


  • Fortifier (gives +30 damage resistance) Chemistry Level 1
  • Fuel (ammo and Molotov Cocktail ingredient) Chemistry Level 3
  • Mental Inhibitor - (prevents an enemy from spell casting) Chemistry Level 6 *AND* Therapeutics Level 7
  • Necromizer (creates undead) Chemistry Level 5 *AND* Electrical Level 4
  • Potion of Paralysis (crafts a Paralyzer) Chemistry Level 6


  • Charged Sword - (tech sword does extra electrical damage) Electrical Level 4 *AND* Smithy Level 1
  • Electro-Armor - (tech armor of protection vs. electrical attacks) Electrical Level 6 *AND* Smithy Level 1
  • Flow Disruptor - (shield of protection vs. magic) Electrical Level 6
  • Lemon-Potato Charges - (equivalent to Chemistry charges) Electrical Level 1


Gun Smithy[]




  • Brain Builder - (increases IN, decreases ST) Therapeutics Level 7 *AND* Chemistry Level 4
  • Elixir of Hypnotic Suggestion - (mind control) Therapeutics Level 5 *AND* Chemistry Level 7
  • Muscle Maker - (increases ST, decreases INT) Therapeutics Level 6 *AND* Electrical Level 3
  • Vivifier - (Permanently increases all primary stats by +1) - requires Therapeutics Level 6 *AND* Chemistry Level 7