Location: This schematic can be found in Tarant found in inside a drawer at the Bates' factory.

Ingredients: Hand Cannon + Self-loading chambers

  • The item derived from this schematic is part of the restored content of Drog Black Tooth's UAP, originally wasn't possible to craft it. 
  • Requires items derived from the sixth schematic acquired while graduating in the Gun Smithy Discipline, plus an Expertise level of eighty-five in the Gun Smithy Discipline. 
  • Pollock will give a Hand Cannon to technological characters that will join his gang. 
  • It can be added that Sammie White has a Hand Cannon in his inventory. 
  • Self-loading chambers are sold by Gun Shops. 


  • Fires six bullets per shot
  • Use by a Magical Character increases chances of critical failure.
Schreck Multi-Barreled Pistol