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Sense Hidden is the fourth spell in the college of Divination


  • This allows the player to see all traps.


  • Followers can spring unseen traps if they are walking outside of the player's detection radius.

Additional Sources[]

  • Scrolls called Sense Invisible/Traps are sold in Magick Shops and found in the Black Mountain Clan Mines.


  • The spell works by adding 20 points (5 full ranks) to the Spot Trap skill.
  • Adequate Perception is needed to make use of each rank of Spot Trap being used.
  • All Spot Trap training can be obtained when using this spell as long as the proper Perception for each training level is reached.


  • Passing the Mastery Test of The Mistress of Divination in Tulla will reduce the casting and maintenance cost by half.
  • Bonuses to Perception below 18 will boost the effectiveness of the spell.