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This schematic is learned when you the acquire the Fourth Degree in the Electric discipline.


  • StaffLarge Capacitor
  • The staff can be purchased in General Stores and Magick Shops
  • Large capacitor can be purchased from Inventors Shops


  • One unit can be obtained per unit of both components
  • This device is equipped and used as a two handed Melee weapon
  • Requires charges to use the extra Electrical Damage
  • When a successful hit is done with the Shocking Staff, it deals 1-6 physical damage and 1-3 fatigue damage
    • The bonus is additional hits for 1-10 electrical damage, using 2 charges per hit
    • In Turn Based combat the bonus is repeated until the user's APs is exhausted for the round
    • In Real Time combat the bonus continues until the target is killed

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Shocking Staff