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SH Inn

The Shrouded Hills Inn doubles as the local tavern. It has 3 rooms and 3 chests where items can be stored, one of each which is locked.


1. Sogg Mead Mug[]

Sogg Mead Mug is a Half-Ogre and potential follower. He requires that the player have a Charisma of 9 before he will join the party.

2. Bar Tender[]

A source of drinks and town gossip.

3. Inn Keeper[]

He can give you a place to rest and heal. For a price.

4. Jacob Bens[]

Jacob Bens can be found in the lobby during the day, and just outside the front door of the Inn during the night. He can offer the player a bank robbing quest provided that the player has some skill in thieving.

5. Dead Assassins[]

The far right room contains two dead bodies and a note regarding information about finding the Elder Joachim.