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The Silver Lady is the name or title given to the Elvish leader who resides in Qintarra.

One of the oldest Elves known to still live, she is commonly referred to as “Elder”, a unique honor in the Elves’ age based system of honorifics. Though her exact age isn’t revealed, she personally knew Nasrudin, who was a fatherly mentor to her, indicating that she was young during or after the Age of Legends (c. 3000 years before the events of the game) .

She is greatly respected for her wisdom and her visions of the future. However, constantly being in tune with these vision means that it is more difficult for her to interact with the mundane world. Her revelations are often cryptic, shrouded in allegory and imagery. She generally remains in seclusion in her chambers, leaving her daughter Raven to handle the day to day business of running the city.

Despite this, she is still considered a leader among her people and, as her daughter, Raven is considered akin to a Princess.