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Skills are a character's abilities. They are defined and limited by a player's Base Stats. They can be improved by raising the Skill level and by acquiring Training.


  • Skills can be raised up to 5 ranks (20/20 points)
  • They have 3 levels of Training
  • Training is available from specialized Trainers

Skill groups[]

Skills are divided into four groups:

Combat skills[]

S combat

Combat skills are used when attacking or defending during combat. All skills within this group are dependent upon dexterity:

  • Bow: the skill of using short and long bows.
  • Dodge: the ability to dodge an attack or the effect of a trap.
  • Melee: the chance to land a damaging blow with a hand weapon or while unarmed.
  • Throwing: the ability to throw knives, rocks, grenades, or any other damaging object.

Thieving skills[]

S thieving

Though primarily used by thieves, thieving skills have other non-criminal uses too:

  • Backstab: the art of doing extra damage with a rear melee attack. Dependent on dexterity.
  • Pick Pocket: the art of stealing and planting items on other people. Dependent on dexterity.
  • Prowling: the skill of hiding and moving quietly to avoid detection. Dependent on perception.
  • Spot Trap: the ability to locate mechanical traps in the immediate vicinity before they are tripped. Dependent on perception.

Social skills[]

S social

Social skills are used on other people during social situations:

  • Gambling: the skill of winning at cards, dice, and other games of chance. Dependent on intelligence.
  • Haggle: the art of the deal, used to buy goods at less than full price. Dependent on willpower.
  • Heal: the ability to cure wounds and reduce crippling injury. Dependent on intelligence.
  • Persuasion: the ability to convince someone to do an action, or that you are telling the truth. Dependent on charisma.

Technological skills[]

S tech

Technological skills deal with technology. Investing in these skills increases Technological Aptitude.