Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki
Sogg Mead Mug
Gender: Male
Race: Half-ogre
Location: Shrouded Hills Inn
Starting Alignment: +10
Vital Statistics
Starting Level: 2
Base: ST 15, CN 8, DX 10, BE 7, IN 3, WP 8, PE 8, CH 8
Derived stats
Hit Points: 48
Magic points: 32
Armor Class: 0
Carry Weight: 7500
Speed: 10
Healing Rate: 3

Sogg Mead Mug is an Ogre drinking away his boredom in the Shrouded Hills inn. A player with high enough charisma can convince him to put his strength to good use and he will agree to join. Sogg is a good alignment character, however he loves to drink and an evil character can often keep him happy by supplying him with alcohol.

To get Sogg to join the party, the Living One must have a charisma of at least 9. Sogg will develop into an excellent fighter, and he doesn't care what you do in the game, so as long as he is added to the party early enough, he's a pretty good companion.

Upon disbanding Sogg, he will return to Shrouded Hills bridge. He will be standing at the place where Lukan the Witless and his gang would leave and disappear if you ever persuaded him to do so.