Even the most skillfully laid trap cannot be completely hidden from a person with properly trained eyes. The ability to locate mechanical traps in one's immediate vicinity before they are tripped is called "Spot Trap," and the chance of success may be reduced by improper lighting.

  • Spot trap Apprentice the character's chance of success is unaffected by lighting
    • Most town guards
    • Thieves (if member of the Thieves Underground)
    • Vollinger (Dernholm)
  • Spot trap Expert the character is able to sense magical traps as well as mechanical ones
  • Spot trap Master if the character fails (but does not critically fail), he gets a second chance to spot the trap
    • You’ll have to prove yourself to Fitzgerald by retrieving the Staff of K’an T’au from the Castle of S’nel N’fa. The castle is full of traps, of course, but since you should be skilled at spotting traps (and probably disarming them as well), it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to work your way to the back of the castle, kill K’an T’au, and then get his staff from the chest in the room. (The trap door there just leads out of the castle.) Then just return to Fitzgerald to receive training.