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Spot Trap is the ability to locate traps in one's immediate vicinity before they are tripped. This Skill is dependent upon Perception (PE).


  • Spot trap Apprentice: The character's chance of success is unaffected by lighting
    • Most town guards
    • Thieves (if the character is a member of the Thieves Underground)
    • Vollinger in Dernholm unless he is recruited as a follower


  • Reveals hidden traps before they are triggered

Modifiers to Spot Trap[]

  • Races
    • None
  • Backgrounds
    • None


  • The level of Spot Traps determines the chances of discovering a trap
  • Traps can be found on containers, doors, and pathways on the ground
  • Traps are spotted in the field of vision of the spotter
  • Followers outside of this field of vision may trip unspotted traps


  • The Flow Specktrometer detects traps independent of the Spot Trap Skill
  • Even though the Sense Hidden Spell gives a potential of 5 full ranks, the actual usable value is still limited by one's Perception
  • Training can be granted for the appropriate level of Spot Trap while the Sense Hidden Spell is active