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Statistics define how well a character learns and performs and responses various actions.

  • There are eight Primary Statistics reviewed here that are evenly divided into two subgroups – physical mental.

  • Each Primary Stat has its own page that goes into detail.
  • There are also several secondary Derived Statistics that are also reviewed on its own page.

Physical stats[]

  • Strength ("ST"): affects HP, damage bonus, carry weight, and weapon usage.
  • Constitution ("CN"): affects fatigue, healing rate, and spell and poison resistance.
  • Dexterity ("DX"): affects numerous skills, armor class and speed.
  • Beauty ("BE"): determines reactions of NPCs.

Mental stats[]

  • Intelligence ("IN"): affects some skills, Spells usage, Degrees learned, and dialogue options.
  • Willpower ("WP"): learn and resists Spells, affects HP and fatigue, affects Haggling.
  • Perception ("PE"): influences the ability to prowl stealthily and use ranged weapons.
  • Charisma ("CH"): affects the Player's party size, enhances dialogue options, and affects Persuasion.

Stat value 20+ bonuses[]

When a stat reaches a value of 20 or more, it grants a special bonus:

  • Physical
    • Strength: double melee damage bonus.
    • Constitution: poison immunity.
    • Dexterity: speed is 25 (+1 per point over 20).
    • Beauty: reaction modifier is +100% (+10% more for each point over 20).
  • Mental
    • Intelligence: +10% to the success rate of every Skill.
    • Willpower: immunity to any spell resisted by willpower.
    • Perception: sense invisible creatures.
    • Charisma: followers will not leave the party unless asked to.