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Stats define how well a character learns and performs skills. There are eight basic traits evenly divided into two subgroups – physical stats and cerebral stats. Stats and skills affect secondary stats. See individual stat pages for more specific information.


Physical stats[]

These stats influence a character's combat abilities, health, and appearance.

Mental stats[]

Mental stats influence a character's ability to learn skills such as spells and persuasion.

Maxed stat bonuses[]

When stats reach their maximum values, they grant special bonuses:

  • Strength: double damage bonus.
  • Dexterity: speed is 25 (+1 per point over 20).
  • Constitution: poison immunity.
  • Beauty: reaction modifier is +100% (+10% over 20).
  • Intelligence: +10% to the success rate of every skill (seems to affect combat skills as well, effectively increasing chance to hit)
  • Perception: sense invisible.
  • Willpower: immunity to any spell resisted by willpower.
  • Charisma: 100% loyalty from followers – they will not leave the Living One's side unless asked to, not even if the Living One acts contrary to said follower's morals.


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