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"The name's Tears . . . Miranda Tears. I take care of things for Pollock, all sorts of things. There's a small warehouse here in the Boil, just a few blocks north of here. It's owned by the Clan Maug, and it's full of ale. There's usually a guard out front, and one patrolling around it. Bring back a crate of ale, and we'll talk about further employment opportunities."
-Miranda Tears, enforcor for Clan Pollock


This is a quest that you can come across in Tarant's southern district, the The Boil, if the player is looking to join Clan Pollock.


The Pub[]

  • If the player is interested in joining Clan Pollock, then they first need to talk to Miranda Tears in the local pub
  • Miranda will send the player to collect a crate of ale from a Clan Maug warehouse

The Warehouse[]

  • The player will find a guard at the warehouse door, carrying a key to said locked door
  • There is another guard patrolling the perimeter of the warehouse
  • The crate of ale is inside the warehouse
  • Kill the guards, or sneak in and out to get the ale

The Pub[]

  • When the player returns to the pub, they can report to Miranda with the crate of ale
  • She will give the player a reward of 3100 exp, and an invite to see Pollock


Simply accepting this quest will mark you as a target for Clan Maug members while in their territory