Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

Thaddeus Mynor will offer you 1000 gold to retrieve the statue of Kree. Depending on your skills, you can convince him that this job is worth 2000 gold.

Once there, retrieving the idol depends on your skills. The barbarians are well armoured and ready for battle.

You can fight your way through, but this is very difficult for the more thiefly type characters. Prowling (and Backstab if you are so inclined) really shine here.

The idol is located in shrine, guarded by a large number of barbarians.

Note – the armor and weapons are top notch here, so if your character isn’t a thief type character this is a good “shopping mart” to equip yourself and your followers. However, if you manage to steal the idol without killing anyone, you earn a fate point