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The Player unknowingly meets Stennar Rock Cutter at the Crash Site, as the only other survivor of the Blimp Crash


  • Though initially surviving, this person was still dying of his injuries sustained from the crash
  • Before he succumbed from his wounds, he informed the player that he escaped from a great evil
  • He also stated that said evil was soon coming to Arcanum and the world needed to be warned
  • He then gave the player a signate ring and died
  • The player deduces the person's identity as a Gnome named Preston Radcliff, based upon a passport found on his body


After being given The Ring, the player is tasked to 'Find the Boy" and to give him said ring, as he would know what to do

True Identity[]

  • After the player discovers that "The Boy" is Gilbert Bates, and they Get Information from Gilbert Bates about the ring, they learn that the gnome was actually a Dwarf named Stennar Rock Cutter
  • Stennar was a close friend to a young Bates
  • He was a member of the Black Mountain Clan Dwarven community
  • He introduced Bates to his clan and to its advanced Technology
  • Stennar had Bates' signet ring as a gift of friendship
  • Stennar and his entire clan went missing about 70 years ago
  • Through a conspiracy, he and his clan were banished to The Void to perform forced labor

Subsequent Events[]

  • Stennar managed to finally escape his imprisonment via the Ring of Brodgar
  • He went to the nearby town of Roseborough, and then on to Caladon
  • In Caladon he obtained a fake passport from the Black Market identifying him as a Gnome named Preston Radcliff
  • With this passport he obtained passage onboard the IFS Zephyr
  • This leads to the beginning of the game and the player's ill-fated meeting with "Radcliff"