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Stonewall Range region

One of the major mountain ranges on the continent of Arcanum, the Stonewall Range is a long and tall mountain chain that runs from the very south of the continent to the north (roughly two thirds northward), dividing Arcanum in two roughly down the middle.


Some dwarven cities and settlements had been established in the Stonewall Range long ago.

Shrouded Hills is a town lying slightly to the east of the range, near its central portions.

The range also serves as the natural western border of both the Kingdom of Cumbria and The Unified Kingdom.


The slopes in the southern part of the Stonewall Range is where the IFS Zephyr crashes, with the Living One (the player character) as the only survivor.


See also[]

  • Grey Mountains - A more northernly mountain chain that partly connects with the Stonewall Range.