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"Chief Inspector Henderson has charged you with the task of finding the Whytechurch Murderer."
-The Logbook Quest Entry

Finding the Whytechurch Murderer is a Chain Quest which can span great expanses of the continent and provides history, background, and lore about Arcanum's two largest cities. Some steps are optional and some have multiple solutions. Experience rewards are received after various steps.


  • The player will inevitably find out about the Whytechurch Murders from a newspaper found in front of the Mushroom Inn, or from a guard outside of a recent victim's house.
  • The player can then visit the Caladon Police Headquarters and discuss the case with Chief Inspector Henderson.
  • Henderson will then direct the player to interview a local witness already in the headquarters, and to the sites of the two latest murders.
  • After returning to Henderson to discuss irregularities in the evidence found thus far, he will direct you to a new murder site.
  • Evidence there suggests that the name of the murderer is L’anamelach.
  • Returning once again to Henderson leads to the possibility that this is a demon name. Henderson would send you to consult with his demonologist, but unfortunately his was killed during Henderson's last demon-related case.

Finding a Demonologist[]

  • There just so happens to be a demonologist in Tarant, one Professor Eakins of the Tarant University.
  • (OPTIONAL) If you have previously spoken with Professor Eakins, then you can go to the Caladon Telegraph Office and send him a telegram.
  • If you have not spoken with him, then you will have to travel to Tarant and meet with him in person.
  • He will provide you with a book called "The Legend of T'erre-d'-V'nt".
  • He will also give you instructions on how to kill the demon with a special dagger called the "Blade of Xerxes".
  • He will then mark your map with the location where the blade can be found, a place called The Pit of Fires.

The Pit of Fires[]

  • Outside the cave you will find another band of adventurers.
  • You can deal with them in a variety of ways, most leading to their deaths.
  • If you have 12 points of Persuasion, then one novel approach is to have them retrieve the blade for you.
  • However the Blade of Xerxes is recovered, you will gain 8,500 exp.

The Return to Caladon[]

  • Return to Caladon and speak with Inspector Henderson. He will tell you that the demon is hiding in the old sewers, and that an entrance to the sewers is being guarded.
  • The sewer is a mini-maze with some loot and low level monsters.
  • At the end you will find Vincent, the man who is possessed by L’anamelach.
  • To kill the demon, you must make sure that the final killing blow is with the Blade of Xerxes. Otherwise the quest is botched.
  • Return to Inspector Henderson for your reward of 2,000 gp and 8,500 exp.