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The first schematic acquired while graduating in the Chemistry discipline.


  • One Strong Poison can be located at K'na Tha, level 2.
  • Sir Garrick Stout also carries a single Strong Poison which he may use on the player character in combat.

Ingredients: Monroe's CleanerVarham's Aqua Vitae

  • Components can be bought from General Stores and Herbalists.
  • Three Strong Poisons can be obtained per unit of both components.


  • Poisons the target for 290 poison points, assuming the target has no Poison Resistance. For every 100 poison points a character has, its Strength and Dexterity are decreased by 1. This means that Strong Poison will generally decrease its target's ST and DX by 2 along with its health damaging effect.

Used as a ingredient in:

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