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Dark mage. Very strong. Me hate much! Want him dead! Want crush bones in hands… make Maug happy! But Maug no be happy… can do nothing!

Maug Maulman


T'val N'or can be found in his hut in northern T'sen-Ang.


Killing him is necessary for emancipating T'sen-Ang's Half Ogres.


He will say something when prompted, but otherwise is nonconversational.

Levelling Scheme[]

T'val N'or is a warrior-mage who is fully skilled in Melee and Dodge. In terms of magick he knows the first three Fire spells, Shield of Protection, the first four Necromantic Black spells, and the first two Summoning spells.



As one of the few mages in T'sen-Ang, he is responsible for magically keeping its Half Ogre prisoners—Maug Maulman, Thrall Tornhand, and Lug Lefthook—in a passive state. If somebody kills him, the Half Ogres become active and wreak havoc in T'sen-Ang, turning the inhabitants hostile to the killer. He keeps a few magick scrolls and health potions in his inventory, wears a Mystic Traveler's Cloak, and wields a Shaman's Staff.