Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki
  • There are fourteen quests available from the Tarant Black Market
    • You can only have four active quests at one time
    • Quests can be obtained from various other underground members
    • Quests are completed by returning items to Mr. Black

Black Market[]

Retrieve Cassie's Jewellery[]

The ring is in a chest in one of the back rooms of Madame Lil's. The door to the room is trapped and locked. The chest itself is also locked, and is guarded by an NPC maid named Winno Whitewash.

Retrieve the Derian Ka Sword[]

The Derian Ka sword can be found in a safe in the back room of the Appleby Residence. The safe is locked and trapped, and it is guarded at night by a sleeping Cedric Appleby.

Retrieve the Enchanted Looking Glass[]

The looking glass can be found in a chest at the Pettibone residence. The chest is locked, and it is guarded by Mrs. Pettibone, She is awake during the day and sleeps at night.

Retrieve the Essence Of Will-O-Wisp[]

The essence is kept in a chest in the back room of H.T Parnell's. The door and chest are locked, and the rooms are guarded by Parnell and Gar.

Retrieve the Flawless Dwarven Rubies[]

The rubies can be found in a barrel next to a ship of the waterfront. The barrel is locked, and it is guarded by a patrolling city guard.

Retrieve the Heron Device[]

The device is located in a crate at the Bates Warehouse, in the far back room. The crate is locked and trapped, as are the doors to the intervening rooms. The main room is guarded by a warehouse worker in the front of the building by day, and sleeping in the front room at night. The item takes up 4x4 in the inventory space and weights 1000 stone, so that may be a consideration.

Retrieve the Jewel Of Hebe[]

The Jewel of Hebe, can be found in a chest at the Panarii temple. The chest is locked and trapped, and it is guarded by the local priest.

Retrieve the Lucky Medallion[]

The medallion is worn by a vagrant who sleeps at Poone's Flophouse at night, and wanders the local area by day. He is not guarded by anyone in particular, but he is usually near members of the general population.

Retrieve the Music Box From Madam Lil[]

The music box is located in Madame Lil's inventory, unequipped. Madam Lil herself is guarded by her girls and the bartender.

Retrieve the Lethe Wyvern Venom[]

The Lethe Wyvern Venom is in a chest in the back room of the Zoological Society. The chest is locked, and it is guarded by Dr Fenwick.

Retrieve the Napha Water[]

The Napha Water can be found in a cabinet at the Halster Residence. The cabinet is locked, and it is guarded by Mrs. Halster. She is awake by day and sleeps at night.

Retrieve the Plans For Schreck's Multi-barrel Pistol[]

The plans for the new pistol are in a cabinet in the middle conference room of the Bates Engine Factory. The building has a front entrance with a guard and two side entrances, all of which are locked. The interior door of the back side entrance is also locked. The cabinet of interested is locked but not trapped. It is guarded by two guards on a timed circular patrol.

Retrieve the Potion Of Dark Power[]

The potion can be found in a chest in the bedroom of the Fitzgerald residence. The chest is locked and trapped, and several of the surrounding floor tiles are trapped as well. The residence is guarded by Mr. Fitzgerald who is awake by day, and sleeps by night. There are also city guards who patrol the general area.

Retrieve the Ring Of Virility[]

The ring is found equipped on Mr Franklin in his home. Mr. Franklin himself is guarded by his Half-Ogre body guard, and an occasion patrolling city guard. Mr. Frankilin is normally always awake, but he can be made to briefly sleep in conjunction with another quest.

Thaddeus Mynor[]

Retrieve Gilbert Bates' Journal for Cederic Appleby[]

Mynor sends you to Appleby for the quest's instructions and rewards. The Journal itself is found in a locked chest in the bedroom of Bates on the second floor of the Bates Mansion. The mansion interior and exterior is heavily guarded. The mansion is gated at the front entrance, but there is a secret back entrance that is heavily trapped found in the cemetery.

Retrieve the Barbarian's Idol[]

Mynor offer this quest when you reach level 20. There is a golden idol found near the back of Kree in one of the altars. Kree is heavily guarded by a tribe of barbarians. A fate point is awarded if the idol is obtained without the loss of life. Return the idol to Mynor for the reward.