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"Hello, youngling. Would you like to play a game ?" —halfling wizard

The Ancient Game is a game involving three riddles told in the city of Black Root. The riddles are told by three halfling wizards who appear to be extremely old – possibly old enough to be from the times of the Ancient Gods.


Talk to the halfling wizard at the shoreline, to the right of Black Root mayor's house.

The halfling there asks if the Living One wants to play a game. Accept the offer and he will present the first riddle: "A painted face, hands with no bones. My oldest brother was made of stones. What am I?"

There are four possible answers:

  • A mural.
  • A clock. (This is the correct answer.)
  • A scarecrow.
  • A fishing lure.

The halfling asks if the Living One wants to continue. Accept the offer, then follow the path left of the thieves to where another halfling waits. The second riddle is given: "Death to one, while birthing another --- trees begin to shiver around its grandmother. What am I?"

There are four possible answers:

  • The wind.
  • The sun.
  • The spring. (This is the correct answer.)
  • Twilight.

The halfling asks if the Living One wants to continue. Accept the offer and follow the path north to the last halfling waiting. He attempts to persuade the Living One out of it, but accept the final riddle: "Causing wounds, and cleansing. History dies from its rinsing. Life or scars is its blessing. What am I?" This time there are five possible answers:

  • Time.
  • Air.
  • Fire. (This is the correct answer.)
  • Water.
  • Memory.

The halfling congratulates the Living One for winning the game and rewards a mysterious gem.

Optional: if unsatisfied with the reward, the final answer can instead be answered incorrectly. This causes the halfling to attack along with five zombies. Killing them grants around 4,000 XP, but 1 alignment is lost and the mysterious gem looted from the halfling's corpse causes damage when it is used. The quest will be considered "botched" within the logbook.


  • 800 XP
  • Mysterious Gem. When used, summons a level 50 naked halfling to assist in combat.