Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

2 Geoffrey Tarellond-Ashe: Help him solve mystery of Ashbury Cemetery. (Reward: 500 gold, 1500 XP.) p. 213

Outside the Ashbury Cemetery you will find Geoffrey Tarellond-Ashe, a rather irritating and snobby necromancer (a potential follower). He will tell you about the rising dead and either pay you 500 gold or join you in finding the cause.

The first step is to fight your way through the zombies in the graveyard to the mausoleum. Here you will find some fire elementals. If you dispatch them you will get a Inferno Hammer.

Going down a trap doors leaves to a cellar with various vermin, going down another trap door leads to some tunnels infested with more zombies. With a bit of exploring you will find a passage.

Here are yet more zombies and the prize, the “Gem Of Malachi Rench”.

If you talk to Geoffrey he will demand the gem and attack you if you don’t hand it over. He can also potentially join your party permanently.