Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

Area Note There are several armor-destroying traps in the area, so proceed carefully and save often. 

1 - Treasure Container

2 - Cursed Paladin He's level 40 and carries an arcane axe. Depending on your level, he and his slaves might prove a challenge to kill. The game considers the paladin to be a good creature, so good companions might become upset when you attack him. 

3 - Chest with the Bangellian Scourge The Scourge is a powerful hexed sword. It is involved in a quest for Stringy Pete (see "Sailing to Thanatos" in the  Quests section), so don't pick it up and then sell it. 

4 - Bangellian Furnace If you're working on the Stringy Pete quest, this is where you should put the Bangellian Scourge to destroy it. You might want to destroy the sword anyway just to receive the 6800 experience reward. 

Exits: A. Exit back to the world map.