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The village located at 1180W 313S, near the north coast of the continent at the border between the Glimmering Forest and the plains north of the Grey Mountains. It is marked on the player's map after accepting a quest given from Winde while in Qintarra.



Despite the name, the "Bedokaan Village" is more of a camp for a tribe of Bedokaan, and it has no shops, or other amenities for the player and their party to use. It's main purpose is the location of Winde's Quest, and as a site for part of the Ancient Gods Quest.

1 - Pit There is an elf villager stuck in the pit. This is the elf Winde at Qintarra might have asked you to rescue.

2 - Bedokaan Villager The villager is carrying vine rope, which you can use to rescue the elf villager in the pit (#1). You can find more rope on the lizard guard next to Kan Kerai (#6) and in the locked chest next to Kan Kerai. 

3 - Waromon If you handle Kan Kerai's quest diplomatically, Waromon might become available to join your group. 

4 - Altar to Makaal This altar is part of the Ancient Gods quest. 

5 - Heartstone It's just lying on the ground, but since it's blue, it's relatively easy to spot. You can find at least two more in the village: one north of Kan Kerai (#6), and one southeast of Kan Kerai. 

6 - Kan Kerai Kan Kerai is the Bedokaan Chieftain. When you talk to him, you'll learn that poachers have been killing the Bedokaan lizards for their skins, and that the chieftain considers all warm bloods to be the same. That's why he captured the elf villager (#1), because he considered him to be just like the poachers.