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Delores Beston will ask you to find her a new crystal ball. Further, after some mumbo jumbo with your hair, she'll suggest you go to Madame Toussaude's to obtain one. When you arrive at Madame Toussaude's, the seer will already know you're there to take her crystal ball, and she'll ask you to choose sides.


  • Delores Beston, in her home at 42 Polton Cross in Tarant, will ask you find a crystal ball for her. She will tell you that Madame Toussaude has one.
  • Speak to Madame Toussaude at 77 Devonshire Way. You will have to choose to either side with her or with Delores. Choosing to side with Delores or refusing to take sides will make Madame Toussaude hostile, causing the Living One to be cursed.
  • If you choose to side with Toussaude, she will give you her crystal ball and ask you to give it to Delores.
  • Return to Delores Beston with the crystal ball. When you give it to her, she will be instantly killed. Take the crystal ball from her body.
  • Return to Madame Toussaude and she will tell you the location of the Garringsburg's painting. If you have already finished that quest, she will bless you instead.


If Madame Toussaude is killed:

  • Curse (-2 charm)
  • 1,200 experience

If Delores Beston is killed: