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"Daniel Hallaway wants you to bring back his strongbox from the blacksmith."


Drop Yer Anchor []

  • Daniel Hallaway can be found in Black Root at his Inn
  • Talking with him reveals the high prices for staying at his Inn
  • If Hallaway has a Reaction Modifier of at least 41 then The Player can ask for a cheaper alternative
  • Hallaway then further reveals that he has a family Strongbox at The Steadfast Anvil, with difficulties getting it back
  • Hallaway will offer the quest to get his Strongbox back
  • In return the player can stay at his Inn for free forever

The Steadfast Anvil []

  • Garret Almstead can be found in Black Root at his Smithy
  • Talking with him reveals that Hallaway brought the Stronbox to him for repair
  • It comes to light that there is a difference in expectations between the two men over what repairs were required
  • This can be resolved by
    • Convince him to return the box free (CH 15)
    • Pay him for the box, prices vary based on (CH 7-14)
    • Lock pick The Chest that has the Strongbox
    • Pick pocket Garret and use the Key to get into the Chest
    • Kill him and loot his key and the Chest

Drop Yer Anchor []

  • Once the Strongbox is recovered, return it to Daniel at his Inn
  • When he asks how you obtained it, you can lie or tell the truth
  • Each line gets a different (and sometimes humorous) response from him
  • In all cases the player receives a reward of 3100 xp and free lodging forever at his Inn


  • The Quest is botched if the player has stolen the Strongbox before accepting the quest, resulting in Hallaway going hostile
  • The quest also will not be available if the player has already paid for a room at the Inn