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The Lair is located at 768W 838S, in the general Northeast of the Morbihan Plains, roughly halfway between the Wheel Clan and Ashbury. It is marked on your map when you visit The Zoological Society in Tarant and explore the exhibits there.



The surface displays a plaque about the site and the entrance to the first level (Point A).

Level one contains an inert skeleton of the dragon, and the entrance to the second level (Point B). The entrance is partially blocked and may require some delicate maneuvering or simple destruction of the obstructions.

Level two contains several treasure chests (Point 1), and in one of them you'll find the Last Testament of Kraka-tur. It will disclose how Bellerogrim died and how Kraka-tur rose to power. Save this as it is a possible quest item for The Void.