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The Demon L'anamelach

When the War of Thorns ended in 1385, King Wallis IV had accomplished something heretofore unimaginable. He had unified the scattered countries of the central continent under his banner, T'erre d' V'nt, or, as we know it now, Tarant.
Peace reigned in T'erre d' V'nt for an unheard of twenty five years until a wave of strange behavior seemed to overtake the king. The king's trusted elven mage, Vincent, whose real name has been lost to history, suspected demonic possession. This suspicion was borne out when the king started calling for virgin sacrifices to supply him with a steady diet of human hearts.

Unbeknownst to 'Vincent', the king had begun toying with the dark powers in a misguided attempt to make himself more youthful. Unwittingly, he had unleashed the demon L'anamelach, the possessor.

Vincent was powerful, but immature and untested. Being overly sure of his abilities, he exorcised the demon himself, without much preparation. The beast tore the king's body apart as it was pulled from its host. Try as he might, the mage was unable to contain it. It ran amok over the countryside, killing hundreds of the king's loyal citizens.

Vincent acted without hesitation. There was only one way he knew to hope to contain the beast. He began preparations to bind it to another mortal body, his own. This was not an easy task, as once unleashed L'anamelach would do everything in his power to keep his freedom.

Vincent's gambit was at most a limited success. After he himself had been possessed, he was, amazingly enough, able to have a slight modicum of control over the beast. For a time the evils of the demon seemed to be being wrought on those of an evil heart, but eventually Vincent was to lose control of the demon.

The beast raged across the continent, killing all in his path. His bloody trail finally ended in Caladon, however. It would appear that Vincent was able to gain control over the beast long enough to drag himself underground and use his magicks to collapse the tunnels.

Neither demon nor mage has been seen since. It seems that Vincent sacrificed himself in order to bring the beast back to the underworld. For that, Arcanum owes him a debt of gratitude.

Were the demon to ever return to this world, those who would fight it must remember this - it is not to be killed with anything other than the Blade of Xerxes, which is buried in the Pit of Fires deep within the Stonewall Mountains! If the demon is struck down with anything but this blade, he will be unleashed upon the world, free of his human host!