Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

Part 01 - Finding out about the ring[]

So, you've got this ring you got from a gnome, and you want to find out about it. The first person to ask would be the gnome standing a bit to the northeast of the town well. He will ask you about the crash if you talk to him, and will be especially interested in the ring if you tell him about it. This little bastard is obviously not to be trusted, so don't give him the ring. He'll attack you for it later, but he's a wussy little gnome so you have nothing to fear. The next person to ask about the ring is Ristezze of Ristezze's Imported Goods, right next to the blacksmith. Ask him all about the ring. He will tell you everything, EXCEPT for where P. Schuyler & Sons, the store that originally sold it, is located. There's a couple of ways you can get this info from him:

  • Trade him Bessie Toone’s boot (found in Bessie Toone’s mine) or the camera found on the body of Isaac Zapruder (crash site) for it. In the full game, I suggest you hang on to the camera, as it might help later on.
  • A charismatic, persuasive character can use flattery to trick Ristezze into revealing the location.
  • The necessary info can also be found on a piece of paper in Ristezze's back room. Ristezze has the key. The regular methods apply: you can kill Ristezze, pickpocket him, or just pick the lock or bash in the door.

Part 02 - Getting Information at P. Schuyler and Sons[]

P. Schuyler and Sons is at 44 Devonshire Way. Inside you find James Kingford who fobs you off.

To continue, you can:

  • Kill him, quick and messy
  • Pick pocket his key
  • Convince him that you belong to the Tarant Authorities and he needs to cooperate (which can lead to his death)
  • You can then use it to go down the trapdoor in the back room. This leads to a room full of zombies and some random treasure. Once the zombies are dispatched, you can go down the next trapdoor. This leads to a tunnel with even more zombies and traps. Go down the next trapdoor. Here you will find a dwarven tomb.

You will find the Schuylers here. To get the information you require you can

  • Kill them all, find they key and open the wood chest
  • Use your pick pocket skill to get the key
  • Come to an agreement with them to get the information (this will annoy Magnus)
  • Use you pick locks skill to open the wood chest.

In the end, you find that the ring belongs to Gilbert Bates, so you must talk to him.

Part 03 - Talking With Gilbert Bates[]

Getting into Bates Estate is you first challenge. Possible solutions include:

  • Fighting your way in
  • Convincing the Captain of Bates Guard that you are an old friend
  • Prowling and Lockpicking your way through the front entrance
  • Protecting the Bates Factory for the night
  • Talking with Cedric Appleby (who asks you to blow up Gilberts Bates factory) and then turning him in
  • Talking with Cedric Appleby (who ask you to blow up Gilbert Bates factory) and then blowing it up. He will then give you 300 gold, he will then give you servants clothing and ask you to find incriminating evidence on Mr. Bates. You may need to find more servants clothing for any followers you have.
  • Talking with Cedric Appleby and not agreeing to blow up the factory and instead offer to expose him. He will then give you a key to the Mausoleum which has a secret passage to the Bates Estate (this is full of traps). Once there you will find servant’s uniforms in chests.

Once you are in, breaking into the back room to get any incriminating evidence can be tricky. Without violence, it requires lockpick skills and extreme timing or lockpicking and prowling.

Note – As long as you have talked with Cedric Appleby before joining Bates side, you can still expose Bates as a fraud after dealing with Bates. You should wait for a while as it makes completing further quests more difficult. When you give it to Cedric Appleby, he will pay you 500 gold. He can be pressured into increasing this to 700 gold depending on your skills.

Part 04 - Investigate the Black Mountain Clan[]

Forcing the town of Stillwater first and setting up a base of operations there can be a big help for exploring the mines.

The first two levels of the mines are full of evil creatures. How you get through them depends on your playing style. Don’t be afraid to avoid confrontation and/or come back later if you can’t seem to get past. Ore Golems, Seething Masses and Granite-Rats can be particularly deadly for low level characters.

At the end of 2nd level you will start to find dead Molochean hand members. The tunnel here goes back to an unreachable part of level 1. Ahead of you is two doors. The closest door leads down to you eventual destination, while the other door leads to more rooms you can explore (with more evil creatures and Molochean hand members alive and dead) These levels begin to be trapped very heavily and can decimate you party if you are not careful.

After some exploring you will come to a long trap infested tunnel. At the end of this you will find Gudmund Ore Bender and the pillar of truth.

This will tell you that the Black Mountain Clan Dwarves have been banished to the Isle of Despair.

Part 05 - Getting To Isle of Despair[]

Returning to Gilbert Bates and telling him the news, he will offer to pay you 300 gold (which you can negotiate up to 400) to investigate further. He suggests you visit Edward Teach in Ashbury. He can take you to the Isle of Despair. Pick up the book on the wharf before you go, it can help.

Once there, talking with the guards reveals you must talk with Thorvald. To talk to him you must get past his guard Orgin Big Fist.

Possible solutions:

  • Use your lockpick skills to break in
  • Fight in the pits to prove your worth (if you continue going back to the pits, eventually no-one will fight you anymore and you get the reputation of pit-master).
  • You can convince him to let you in (the book you found on the wharf can help you in this as he enjoys a good read).

Once inside you need to talk with Thorvald to get more information of the whereabouts of the Black Mountain Clan. You find out that the Black Mountain Clan were never on the Isle of Despair and should talk more with the Wheel Clan leader Loghaire.

Solutions depend a lot on your abilities.

  • You can kill him
  • Pick the lock to his chest (in there you will find a book telling you of the location of the wheel clan and the schematics for the special glasses required). After leaving the island, if you cannot use the schematics, in this case you need to go to Raymond’s Fine Spectacles on the wharf and he will make them for you for 1000 gold.
  • Pick pocket his glasses
  • Convince him to join with you
  • Convince him to give you his spectacles
  • Pay him to give you the information you require.

Once leaving you will find that Captain Teach has had a few “minor” problems with the locals and he can now take you back to Ashbury.

You can go back to Gilbert Bates and keep him posted and get your pay. When you are ready, you should head to the Wheel Clan

Part 06 - Wheel Clan[]

If you have Thorvald with you, he leaves at this point and your reputation with the dwarves increases. You also gain a reputation as his saviour.

It is a good idea to talk with the dwarves around the wheel clan. You find that the king, Loghaire has exiled himself.

After talking with the guards at the door, you must talk with Randver Thunder Stone, the son of Loghaire Thunder Stone.

Depending on your intelligence, charisma and other skills, you can learn a lot from him. Learning about the Stone and Shape are critical for restoring The Iron Clan. He will tell you that he knows where his father is and shows you a secret passage.

Other character types won’t be able to convince him to reveal more about his father and hence will have to traverse through the dredge (and deal with the monsters within). After then end of the discussion you must talk with the guard at the entrance to the dredge and he will let you in.

When you reach Loghaire, you will find that he had to banish the dwarves on the insistence on elves of Quintarra.

Depending on your intelligence, charisma and other skills, you can convince Loghaire to return to his people (giving you another reputation and hero status with the Wheel Clan), or he will stay down in the dredge. He may also give you a dwarven axe that is especially powerful for good and/or dwarven characters.

You can go back to Gilbert Bates and keep him posted and get your pay. You must then find Quintarra.

Part 07 - Finding Quintarra[]

Travelling to Stillwater and talking to the inhabitants there, you find that Myrth may know where Quintarra is.

Talking with Myrth, two outcomes are possible : either you're an elf and he'll make fun of you, or you're not and he agrees to tell you where Quintarra is, if you return the pelt of the Stillwater Giant to him. He tells you to talk with Stanley Xavier Hippington. He will tell you tales of the Stillwater Giant and its unique ability to transform itself into a blue rabbit. He will give you a trap and scent to attract it and tells you to search the cave behind his house. He advises you strip naked as otherwise you will startle it.

Catching the rabbit is merely a matter of putting the trap in one of you quick slots and the clicking on the rabbit.

Talking with Stanley again, he asks you to take the rabbit to the Dr. Fenwick of the zoological society in Tarant to authenticate it.

If you talk to Myrth about the blue rabbit he merely laughs at you.

Returning to Tarant and talking with Dr. Fenwick, he merely laughs at you and tells you to go visit H.T Parnells.

You can get the pelt from him by:

  • Buying if for 2000 (you can knock this down to 1250 depending on your skills)
  • Stealing it while he is asleep
  • Convincing him to give it to you (and pretend it has been stolen).

Upon returning to Stillwater, Myrth will tell you the location of Quintarra if you give him the pelt (depending on your skills you can tell the truth how you found it or spin him a tale of heroism).

He also has the amulet of N’Tala on him. (The one the healer in Shrouded hills was looking for). Another way of finding Quintarra is getting the amulet (via thievery or combat) and taking back to the healer in Shrouded Hills who will then tell you its location.

Part 08 - Getting Answers at Quintarra[]

When travelling to Quintarra through Hardin’s Pass you will find the REAL Stillwater Giant.

Upon arriving to Quintarra, you need to find the silver lady spoken of when talking with Loghaire.

Before doing so, you must convince the silver lady’s daughter, Raven, to let you in to see her. You must remove the humans from the sacred elven grove – Falcon’s Ache, without using violence. William Bench and his men are planning to log the surrounding forests. If you attack him, your entire party will die.

Possible solutions

  • Antagonize William Bench so he will attack you (resulting in the his untimely death)
  • Convince him that you are working for Gilbert Bates and it is in his interests to forget about the grove.

Returning to Quintarra and talking with Raven, she lets you talk with the Silver Lady.

The Silver Lady speaks in riddles, after finishing talking with her and speaking with Raven who interprets what she has said, it seems you must return to Tarant to find an individual called Renford A. Terwilliger.

Part 09 - Finding Out About Renford A. Terwilliger[]

Returning to Tarant and talking with the inhabitants they either recommend you go to the hall of records or suggest you visit the cemetery. It turns out that Renford A. Terwilliger is dead (under mysterious circumstances).

Possible ways of obtaining this information:

  • Visiting Tarant cemetery and finding his grave, and then visiting the Hall of Records
  • Talking with clerk at Hall of Records
  • Breaking into Hall of Records and finding newspaper article

Finding he is dead, the next step is to find the book he wrote “Horror Among the Dark Elves”

Part 10 - Finding Horror Among the Dark Elves[]

The best place to start to find any book is the local library. Visiting the Tarant library, you can find out information by:

  • Becoming a member for 1500 gold (depending on your skills you can negotiate this down to 500 gold) and enquiring about the book. She will give you a related book “The Curse of Tsen-Ang”
  • Pickpocketing the book
  • Killing her and taking the book

Reading the book you find that there is one remaining copy of the book and it resides in Caladon with Victor Misk.

Part 11 - Talking With Victor Misk[]

Travelling to Caladon and talking with the locals reveals that Victor Misk lives at 9 Gray Wolf Terrace.

Talking with Wesley the Butler and Mrs. Misk, you find that Victor Misk is dead. Mrs. Misk asks you to see if you can find out who was responsible for telling Kendrick Wales that Mr. Misk had the book (See ==Caladon== quests for quest details).

Visiting the cemetery, you can find out where Victor Misk is buried by talking with the dwarven graveyard worker, Bingham Shulefest (if you have Magnus in the party, he confuses him for someone else).

If Virgil is in the party, he will go off to visit the grave of Lawrence Brummond and is very cagey when you speak of him.

Note - As part of solving the “person responsible” quest, you can find out at the Tarant Hall of Records that Lawrence Brummond was murdered and he had a brother Virgil.

You can dig up Victor Misk’s grave (if you have a shovel), keeping his skull for a souvenir, but the real prize is the book buried with him. This book tells how Nasrudin defeated Arronax. It came from the Roseborough gift shop.

Speaking with Mrs. Misk, she tells you where Roseborough is located.

When in Roseborough, discussions with the Innkeeper about the matchbook found on the dying gnome will reveal that Mr. Razzia of Caladon sold him a fake passport. Talking with him in Caladon reveals that shortly after he sold the passport to Preston Radcliffe, some men forced information out of him about the IFS Zephyr. With some investigation it becomes apparent that they then broke into Maxim’s factory, stole the aircraft, burnt his factory down and then proceeded to attack the Zephyr.

Visiting the Roseborough cemetery, finds the grave of Victor Misk’s father. A short stint of digging later reveals the book “Horror Among the Dark Elves”. You should now head to Tsen-Ang.

Part 12 - Tsen Ang[]

Upon reaching Tsen-Ang, speaking to the guards and asking for M’in Gorad, they will let you in providing you have a Molochean Hand Amulet.

Find M’in Gorad and talk to her. This is the main area where the game can branch dramatically.

  • If you are evil, you can join her side. To prove your allegiance you must kill all the inhabitants on Stillwater and return when complete. She will then tell you to talk with the high priest of the Panarii in Caladon.
  • You can talk to her and get enough information
  • You can talk to her and convince her to let you go in exchange for your "services"
  • You can kill her (and read the note she has)
  • Pick pocket her note and read it
  • Convince her that you are an assassin and the contract has been completed
  • Find out the information and then charm her, resulting in "parental recreational activities".

After leaving her, you will meet up with a member of the Molochean Hand. Again, results may vary.


Upon leaving Tsen-Ang, if Virgil is in the party and you are following the good path, he will leave saying that he has business to attend to. It is imperative that you take anything you want from him (strip him naked if you wish).

Either by the information gathered from the newspaper, detective work, or random searching you will find Virgil in the cellar under the Sobbing Onion in Caladon, dead, killed by thieves After killing the thieves he can be resurrected (a scroll can be found in the chest nearby) You find him a changed man, he will tell you his true origins.

He is very different indeed, having different abilities and a different levelling scheme (now Zen Virgil). Note he is also now level 25, so most people will now be rather annoyed at all the levels he has lost. It is possible to complete all the main quests and get to this point by level 25 but is quite difficult (you need to avoid most combat situations or let your followers do the fighting; another possibility is increasing the difficulty of the game in the game settings menu, which decreases the amount of experience you gain and needs to be done at the start of the game).

Finally Joachim turns up and gives tells you some more details.


If Vollinger is in the party and you never read Joachim’s book, he will also leave and tell you to meet him at Vollinger’s Meeting place, alone (similarly strip him naked as well). At this point in time, he will reveal himself as a Molochean hand assassin and try and kill you. He will have changed to a level 30 character as well.

If you read Joachim’s book and discuss the history of the Molochean hand with, he will reveal himself to you as an assassin but he now believes you are no longer his enemy you no longer have to worry about him trying to kill you. If you joined M’in Gorad, you must then visit the Panarri temple and talk with K’an Hua.

If you did not join M’in Gorad, you now have to return to Quintarra and talk with the Silver Lady again.

Part 13 Evil - Following the Evil Path[]

After leaving T’sen Ang, you should travel to Caladon. If you happen to stop by Quintarra, they will be most upset (oh, well one town destroyed, another one won’t matter).

On the Caladon Bridge, you will meet Elder Joachim. He is furious with you and Virgil for killing all the inhabitants of Stillwater. As he is a 50th level mage, he has the power to back up his arguments. (Some 340 hitpoints).

On reaching the temple, taking with Alexander, he will let you in. Speaking to the elven guard below, they will let you in to see K’an Hua. He tells you the tale of Arronax (from his perspective).

He asks you to retrieve the Vendigroth device, you can get assistance from a halfling imprisoned in Dernholm or go directly to Dark Elf Camp looking for the Vendigroth Ruins.

To get in the prison, you have to annoy the guards (behind the Dernholm palace). It may be a good idea to stock up fatigue/healing potions before you do this. In prison there are a number of high level inmates who will attack you on sight. Exploring, you will find Tollo Underhill, an aggressive halfling who will give you a map showing where the Vendigroth device is, in return for his freedom. Fighting your way out to the west you will find a passage leading up and out of the prison.

Then it is just a matter of travelling to the Dark Elf camp. You will find it deserted with a sole dead elf remaining. Searching his body you will find a book that shows you where you can find the Vendigroth ruins.

Searching the Vendigroth ruins is a bit easier with the map in hand.

Returning to Roseborough, you must decide whether to hand over the device, lie and tell him that it has been destroyed or attack him (in any case you will end up in the void).

Part 13a Good - Finding Out More About Nasrudin[]

Returning to Quintarra and talking with Raven and the Silver Lady, you must find out more about Nasrudin. Raven may offer to join the party at this point.

The first step is travelling to Caladon (where Nasrudin remains can reputedly be found) and visiting the Panarii temple.

Talking with Alexander the Acolyte, a descendent of Saint Mannox, you will learn more about the Panarri religion, Nasrudin and Arronax. He will then open the back doors and you can talk with Gunther Willhelm. He will give you more information and the more intelligent character will notice strange “coincidences” in the Panarii story.

Speaking with Hadrian the Archaeologist will unearth more strange information. After some discussion, he will then ask you to investigate Nasrudin’s remains.

You can get to the Nasrudin Crypt by:

  • Wearing priest’s robes and convincing the guards at the back you are visiting priests
  • Killing the guards at the back (lockpicking/unlocking cantrip/breaking down the door)
  • Travelling through the sewers. Look for a broken hole in the wall. There are two of them. They both lead to an antechamber (the one directly underneath the Panarri entrance opens to the wrong side). In the antechamber, there is a magically locked door (if you are charismatic enough you can learn the password Crimstone from Hadrian). The other broken hole passage (with the three barrels in front of it) allows you to bypass this.

Once you open the sarcophagus, click on the skeleton and the sarcophagus lid (the lid shows a ring and strange writing).

Talking with Gunther, he will tell you the meaning of the words and reveal that he actually thinks that Nasrudin remains are on Thanatos.

Talking with Hadrian, he is shocked and asks you to find out more about Saint Mannox.

Talking with Alexander, you tell him of all the discrepancies you have found and he tells you that he thinks they are all being deceived.

The ring looks remarkably like the Ring of Brodar in Roseborough, so it seems like investigating there would be a good start.

Searching around the ring (follow the shoreline), you find a secret stone vault (the door being opened using the word “Truth” told to you by Gunther. Here you find the sword and diary of Mannox which reveals what is really going on.

Talk to Gunther and Hadrian and tell them the truth (Hadrian will then allow you to take the Glass Key, Finger of Mannox and Krata-Tur’s eye). The Glass Key opens the door to the Iron Clan.

Finally, talk to Alexander, tell him about the journal and give him the Sword of Mannox. He will “deal” with the problem.

Part 13b Good - Getting To Thanatos[]

Returning to Tarant, you can tell Gilbert Bates the truth about why the dwarves were banished. If Loghaire Thunder Stone in your party, there is an extra exchange between them regarding Bates' past with the clan.

Getting to Thanatos requires a ship and no ship captain is willing to take you there.

Exploring the continent you will be able to find passage to Thanatos in Blackroot. Here you will find Edward Teach in the Sour Barnacle bar. He lost his ship while gambling, drunk. Possible solutions:

  • Buy a ship in Blackroot for 50,000 gold
  • Win his ship back through gambling
  • Convince Stringey Pete to give you his ship. This involves:
    • Digging up his treasure and giving it to the Williamsons
    • Repairing the damage to the temple in Vooriden (by getting the sacred stone)
    • Retrieving and destroying the Bangellian Scourge

Once at Thanatos, travel to the southernmost point. Here you find a Land Bridge, cross over and traverse the jungle area until you come out into a clearing with a house.

Here you find Nasrudin himself. If you have Virgil and/or Raven in your party, they will add extra dialogue. You then get to see a really professional looking movie showing the battle between Nasrudin and Arronax. He will tell you of Nasrudin’s banishment as well as the others (Kerghan, The Bane of Kree, Krakar-Tur and Gorgoth).

He asks you to retrieve the Vendigroth Device and return to the Ring of Brodor with it.

Part 13c Good - Retrieving the Vendigroth Device[]

You now have to search the Vendigroth Wastes, by travelling to the Gateway to the Wastes. Here you will meet Weldo Rubin. He will tell you where you can find Tulla, the city of mages either by:

  • Using charisma (he can also join you)
  • Performing a small retrieval task

On arriving at Tulla, speak to the guard and he will let you in. Going to the main castle and talking with the human wizard, Jorian, he will not let you in and tells you to look at the picture in the lower hall.

Do this and then talk with him again, he will let you in to speak with Simeon Tor.

Simeon Tor will tell you that you need to talk with Pelojian.

This is a logic puzzle, you need to open the doors in the rooms outside to retrieve the items. Look at the picture, walk on the symbols in clockwise fashion. The actual order of opening the doors does not matter.

  • Door with star – walk on Divination, Meta, Mental and Temporal
  • Door with spiral – walk on Conveyance, Force, Morph and Phantasm
  • Door spokes - walk on White, Black, Summon and Nature
  • Door with cross – walk on Earth, Air, Water, Fire

Read all the books, note the fountain and the symbols. From reading the books, it can be determine that walking on these in this order is also required. Wear Pelojian’s amulet (found in the first room) and walk on the symbols.

  • Star (Start of Journey – therefore 1st - Book 2)
  • Spiral (Not first, but just underneath – therefore 2nd – Book 3)
  • Spokes (Binds 1st and 2nd to 4th – therefore 3rd – Book 4)
  • Cross (Next step – therefore 4th - Book 1)
  • The Tri-Blade of Magick - And Pelojian will appear immediately

If you are wearing the amulet then he will tell you where the Vendigroth Ruins are. Note that while Pelojian will appear each night at midnight, her will not speak unless properly summoned.

With a bit of exploring of the Vendigroth Ruins, you find the Vendigroth Device (exploring here and fighting depends on your fighting style).

The next step is to head off to the Ring of Brodar to be banished, so make sure you have any supplies you need. You can head back to Tulla if you are Magick character and use their portals to get there quickly if required.

Suggested supplies: Various bits of food, Kraka-Turs journal from the Lair of The Bellogrim.

Part 14 - The Void[]

Upon reaching the void, you will have to fight your way through void lizards and arraya. You must travel through teleporters until you find a tunnel to Arronax's lair.

Here you find Arronax imprisoned by Kerghan the first necromancer. It turns out that he is the real threat. You can decide whether you want his help at this point in time or whether you want to gain more information from Kerghan.

Getting Help From Arronax[]

  • If you join Arronax, you must first free him. This is done by killing the snake outside. He will then join you and recommend that you get assistance from the others imprisoned in the void (The Bane of Kree, Gorgoth and Kraka-Tur).
  • Kraka-Tur is a coward, to convince him to join you it helps if you have his journal to "blackmail" him.
  • Gorgoth will join you if you give him food.
  • The Bane of Kree will join you depending on your charisma. He may require you to obtain Kryggirds Falchion.

If you travel to Kerghans Castle, the guards will attack you.

If you do not free Arronax, you can travel to Kerghans Castle unmolested.

Talking with Kerghan[]

Talking with Kerghan you find that he wants to destroy all life on Arcanum. You can

  • Convince him what he is doing is wrong (this can be quite difficult). He will then allow you to use the Vendigroth Device on him and end his life
  • Join him, he will then ask you to kill Gorgoth, The Bane of Kree, Kraka-Tur and Arronax. You need the Vendigroth Device to finish Arronax off. Once this is done, you can join him to destroy Arcanum.
  • Attack him and defeat him. You need the Vendigroth Device to finish him off. Depending on your comments during the dialogue this will result in many different end scenarios.