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The Pit of Fires is located 1364W 936S, on the eastern slope of the Stonewall Range roughly between Stillwater and Shrouded Hills. It is marked on the player's map after a discussion with Professor Eakins regarding the quest to Stop the Whytechurch Murderer.



The pit is the location of the Blade of Xerxes whose cave entrance is at Point 2. At Point 1 is a group of adventurers who are also seeking the fabled blade.

With 12 points of persuasion you can convince the party to go into the cave and retrieve the blade for you. This blade is a little different than the one that you can get yourself, but it is still ok for the above quest.

You can also just ignore the party, and later find that they have been killed inside the cave. Their bodies can be looted.

Through a bug, you can kill the party on the outside, and still find their bodies on the inside as well. Both sets of bodies can be looted.


Inside the cave

There is treasure to be found at Points 1.

Point 2 is where you can find the erstwhile adventurers.

Point 3 is the pit where the Blade of Xerxes is found. It opens like a container.

Point A is the cave entrance.