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The cursed spirit of Charles Brehgo has implored me to kill the priest who cursed him, Arbalah. It is his belief that if I kill Arbalah, he will be released from the curse..

—The Quest Log

"The Priest and the Bandits" is usually the very first side-quest that you will come across while exploring the Crash Site.


In a cave by the Crash Site, you will discover the cursed spirit of Charles Brehgo. He will claim that he and his friend, after asking for some sustenance since they were poor. were cursed by an evil priest named Arbalah and that he was later killed by his friend, cursed with madness.
He will then request to release him from his curse by killing the priest and he marks his house on your map.
If asked for a reward, he will claim to know the location of a buried treasure; if questioned how they could be poor in that case, he will claim to be a monk with an oath of of poverty.

Travel to Arbalah's House, here the quest can progress in different ways.

Brehgo's path[]

Kill Arbalah and return to Brehgo, he will laugh manically, exclaim that he enjoyed killing Arbalah's family and be amused by the fact that you helped him get his revenge by killing an innocent man. If you asked for a reward, he will reveal that the treasure was a lie.
Before he disappear you can reply that you enjoy killing innocents and lose 10 Alignment.

You will receive 1700 XP

Arbalah's path[]

Arbalah has refuted the claims of Charles Brehgo, saying Brehgo and his partner Fahrkus killed his family and stole a sacred artifact from him. He would like for me to locate and return this artifact to him.

—The Quest Log


Arbalah in his house.

When spoke too Arbalah will reveal that Brehgo and his friend Fahrkus tricked him into letting them into his home by asking for alms. Once inside they stole his Sacred Artifact, murdered his family and left him for dead. In anger and grief he cursed them to never leave this plane of existence. If asked about Brehgo death he will claim that it wasn't his curse but more likely the "curse of greed".
He will then ask to retrive the stolen Sacred Artifact.

Return to Brehgo's spirit in the Crash Site Cave and demand that he tell you where Fahrkus is. Trick him into thinking Arbalah will release the curse if he helps you.

Simon Fahrkus

Simon Fahrkus outside his shack.

You will find Simon Fahrkus at his Shack, to retrive the Sacred Artifact you can:

  • Lie to Fahrkus with 1 rank in Persuasion
  • Threaten Fahrkus with 1 rank in Melee
  • Steal it from Fahrkus
  • Kill Fahrkus and loot it

Return the Sacred Artifact to Arbalah, he will reward you with his blessing which will improve people's reactions modifier by +5.

You will receive 1700 XP and +10 Alignment.

Combined path[]

First speak with Arbalah and agree to retrieve the Sacred Artifact. After tricking Brehgo into marking Fahrkus location, don't reveal to him that it was a lie because it will botch the quest.

Retrive the Sacred Artifact and return it to Arbalah to get his quest rewards, then kill him. you can loot the Artifact from his corpse, however it does not serve any real purpose.

Head back to the Crash Site Cave and tell Brehgo that the deed is done, if you tell him that you returned the Artifact the quest will be botched.

Combined you will receive 3400 XP and keep Arbalah's blessing thanks to a bug.


  • Charles Brehgo is one of the few dead NPC that can be resurrected, he will call the player a fool and he is supposed attack them but the interaction is bugged and he will just use the same dialogue of his spirit form.
  • You can inform Charles Brehgo that you returned the Sacred Artifact and that Arbalah never intended to release him, botching his quest and leaving him as a cursed spirit.
  • After you kill Arbalah, you can use Conjure Spirit to summon back Charles Brehgo too torment him.
  • If you kill Simon Fahrkus his spirit will be spontaneously be conjured, you can tell him that he is dead and cursed forever. You can cast Conjure Spirit to summon him again and repeat the dialogue, even if Arbalah is dead.


  • Killing Arbalah is supposed to remove his blessing but the bless number was written incorrectly in the script.