A Mysterious AffairEdit

This is one of the longest quests to complete. It starts in the park on Kensignton Broadway in which you meet the half-orc, Thom Grak. He will ask you to find Sir Matt de Cesare and tell him to meet him at the subterranean kiosk on Kensignton Broadway.

De Cesare is the red suited gentlemen, getting drunk in the Gentlemen’s club at 77 Vermillion Road. Upon talking with him, Grak will burst in and attempt to kill him. Ensure your followers back off, and once de Cesare has finished Grak off, talk to him and convince him that you were not involved in the assassination attempt. He will then ask you to meet him outside.

He will start spinning a tale of conspiracy. He will ask you to find the skulls of the Ren’ar Siamese twins which are located in Tarant somewhere.

Searching around, you will find them stashed in a warehouse, 17 Quilton Bend, being guarded by a Were-Rat and Half-Ogre. The barrels are locked so you need to open it (pick locks, unlocking cantrip, destroy).

Returning the skulls to him, he will then tell you more about the dastardly experiments going on. He will ask you to find him colleague Arthur Tyron in Blackroot.

In Blackroot, no trace of him can be found, but if you follow the path south you will find an abandoned house with a mysterious note “The crow is in Danger, Tyron”.

Returning to Tarant, and talking with de Cesare, doesn’t really shed more light on Tyron’s whereabouts.

He is actually hiding out in Caladon at 22 Dragon’s Turnabout. Talk to him there and he tell you about a conspiracy to breed Half-Ogres. He will ask you to find more proof on Half-Ogre Island. You can book passage there from one of the ship captains or use the teleport spell.

Make sure you have money for the journey back! The fare is for one way only. You may wish to leave your followers behind if you are short of cash.

Here you will find a deserted factory with a book detailing horrible experiments performed on women, giving birth to Half-Ogres.

Returning to Caladon to tell Tyron what you have found, you find he has been “replaced” by a mysterious gnome who tells you more about the conspiracy.

You can then take the book to the newspapers, trying to alert the authorities using the power of the press. The Caladon branch of the Tarantian can be found at 7 Saints Avenue. Here you meet Sam Longwell. He will promise to reveal the conspiracy and pay you 100 gold for your efforts.

Returning you will find him mysteriously gone. The real Caladon reporter, James Legget has returned, you have been fooled.

NOTE: Killing any of the people in the quest and talking to their spirits yields no further information. You can pick pocket the book back but there is no further use for it. Going to the Tarant newspaper office doesn’t yield any further results.

The PhrenologistEdit

Benjamin Gershwin, of 24 University Court is a doctor of Phrenology (the science of heading peoples bumps on their head). He will ask you to find the skulls of the Ren’ar Siamese twins for 100 gold. He thinks that they are in the Tarant Cemetary. He will offer 100 gold. In the tomb you will find a matchbook which leads you to the Gentlemen’s Club. They are actually elsewhere (see above).

To complete this, you must start this quest before you have finished the other quest. You can also get more money for the skulls from him after completing the other quest.

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