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The Ruby Glade is located at 795W 250S, near the northeastern coast of the plains north of the Grey Mountains. It is marked on the player's map after accepting a quest from Gildor Nightwalk of Stillwater.



Point 1 is the entrance to the glade. The perimeter contains warnings stones equidistant at points 2. If you walk past the stones without adequate stealth (either invisible or having 5 full ranks (20/20) in Prowling and not wearing any -NP gear), then six greater demons will appear and attack you. Defeating them or sneaking past them clears the way to the altar at point 3.

The Alter itself contains the ruby that Gildor wants. In front of the Alter is a Dead Elf Noble who can be looted for a Heavy Barbarian's Blade, a pair of Arcane Gauntlets, and a hexed Hero's Weakness Barbarian Armor.