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The Sobbing Onion is a local tavern in the city of Caladon.

Locals and employees at the tavern can provide the player character with intel on the latest events in Caladon and the nearby world. The bartender can provide the player character with a drink.


In the main room you can find Ryan Sanders and Albert Leek. Sanders will ask you to kill his father Jonathon at the family home (#8). Don't try to tell Jonathon what his son is up to; that will botch the quest for some reason. Instead, just kill him and then return to Ryan for your reward: 9,900 experience, 1000 gold, and -20 to your alignment. You can try to squeeze an additional 1000 gold out of Ryan, but that seems to always cause him to attack, frightening the other patrons in the bar, including Albert Leek, the Prowling Master. If you do kill Ryan, be sure to hang on to his timepiece, since it is an object for the Caladon Thieves Underground quests.

In the back room you'll find Mr. Razzia, the Thieves Underground fence. Later in the game you'll learn he made a passport for Stennar Rock Cutter / Preston Radcliffe, and you'll be able to ask him about it.



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