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Stanley Xavier Hippington wants you to capture the Stillwater Giant.


  • You begin this quest in search of the elven city Quintarra.
  • Myrth, an elf residing in Stillwater, instructs you to perform a rite of passage, killing a Stillwater Giant and bringing its pelt to him. He directs you to Stanley Xavier Hippington, living directly North from his house.
  • Upon talking to Stanley Xavier Hippington, a cryptozoologist, he gives you a Stillwater trap and a bottle of Stillwater Giant scent to use to capture a Stillwater Giant, residing in a cave nearby.
  • The Stillwater Giant cave is just East of his house.
  • There's nothing else in the cave except a blue rabbit bouncing about. Place the trap in one of your quickslots and use it on the rabbit. Don't worry about removing your armor and using the scent on yourself (as per Hippington's instructions), it is not required. You'll end up with a Stillwater trap (Full) in your inventory. Take it to Stanley Xavier Hippington.
  • He asks you to have the Giant verified by a zoologist. There's one in Tarant, Dr. Tristan Fenwick.
  • When you present the trap to Dr. Tristan Fenwick he is delighted, but not for the reasons you might want. After him laughing you out, return to Stanley Xavier Hippington to report.
  • Upon doing so, he begins to ramble, possibly the hunt for the giant consuming every aspect of his life finally having driven him mad. You can't get through to him.
  • You have no choice but to steal or buy a fake pelt from H.T. Parnell's at Tarant. He asks for 2000 coins for it, but you can also pickpocket him for the key, or pick the lock on the case and remove the pelt when he goes to sleep. If your Persuasion is high enough, you can also get a quest from him to steal the pelt as part of an insurance fraud scheme. Ask him about the pelt, then ask how he came to acquire it. Keep on asking him for the story until you get an option to ask if Payne ripped out its heart with his bare hands. When he responds, tell him the pelt seems lacking. He will say its day has passed, and you respond that you can't believe people are still flocking to see it. Your next response should be 'There must be some other way for you to make money from it, and when he answers its insured you suggest to him that you could sneak it out and he can report it stolen.
  • Present the fake pelt to Myrth. You can lie to him about it or be honest and admit it is a fake from H.T. Parnell's. Either way, he gives you the location of Quintarra. He doesn't even want the pelt.
  • It is recommended that you tell Myrth the truth about the pelt. This is required for a random encounter in the area between Stillwater and Hardin's Pass. It might not happen on the first travel but keep at it and it will happen: a presumably harmless blue bunny (?). Attack it and see it shapeshifting into something completely different. The Stillwater Giant is inherently good, so attacking it will make good followers react.
  • The Stillwater Giant, a level 30 monster with high-damage melee attacks, is a tough one to beat but once you do, you can get the Authentic Stillwater Giant Pelt and a fate point. Unfortunately Stanley Xavier Hippington won't respond to you anymore, nor you can show it to Dr. Tristan Fenwick, but you can sell it to H.T. Parnells for 2000 coins.


  • Location of Quintarra
  • Location of Hardin's Pass