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The Thieves Underground is a loose confederation of associates created to organize and facilitate criminal operations and to help prevent associates from stepping on each other's toes. Membership is optional, and freelance thieving does exist, but most of the major jobs come from the Underground. Members can be found in most cities and towns, but the majority of activity is centered in Tarant and Caladon.


Initial Contact[]

  • After completing any of those tasks you then need to speak to a special member of the Thieves Underground in Tarant.
  • They will tell you to go to 19 Quilton Bend and talk with the head of the Underground, Thaddeus Mynor.

The Quest[]

  • Mynor will offer membership by giving you a quest to obtain the maps for the closed sewers of Tarant.
  • The Tarant Sewer Maps can be found in a safe one of the back rooms in city hall – Dept of Water and Hall of Records.
    • The safe is locked.
    • The door to the room containing the safe is locked at night.
    • The rooms are guarded by the department head who guards the main room during the day and the back room during the night while sleeping.
    • The guard has a key to the safe.


  • Once you obtain the map and return it to Mynor, you are rewarded with gold, experience, and Thieves Underground membership.