"The Thieves and the Bridge" is an early-game quest in Shrouded Hills. It is given by Constable Owens, the town mayor. He can be found pacing near the well in the center of the town. He needs Lukan the Witless and his band of thieves removed from the town bridge.

Note: this quest may be too difficult for a low-level character (level 3/4).


  • Speak to Constable Owens and agree to take care of the problem with the thieves at the bridge.
  • Go to the bridge just east of town. Kill the thieves or, if your persuasion skill is high enough, convince Lukan that you are from the Thieves Underground and that he and his gang are trespassing (they will give you 200 gold before fleeing).
    • (Optional): It is also possible to get by them if you agree to impede the town in its efforts to build a second bridge. To the southwest you will find the building materials. Destroy them and return to the Lukan and he will give you a key to cross the bridge. He will also tell you about the Thieves Underground.
  • Return to Constable Owens for a reward after the thieves have been removed.


  • 250 Gold
  • 1,000 XP
  • Bridge Key
  • Fate Point