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The Thieves and the Bridge is an early-game quest in Shrouded Hills. It is given by Constable Owens, the town mayor. He can be found pacing near the well in the center of the town. He needs Lukan the Witless and his band of thieves removed from the town bridge.

Starting the Quest[]

  • Speak to Constable Owen about the situation.
    • Accepting and completing the quest grants you a reward and free passage to and from Shrouded Hills
    • Deferring the quest gives you additional options, but with with possible varying degrees of consequences
  • Now find the thieves at the town bridge

Options if you Accepted the Quest[]

  • Diplomatic: With 1 point in Persuasion you can talk the thieves into leaving. This gains some extra gp in the process, and information about The Thieves Underground
  • Stealth: With 1 point in Prowling you can plant dynamite in their midst at night and kill them
  • Combat Tech: With 1 point in the Explosives Discipline you can create Molotov Cocktails and defeat them in combat with just a few hits
  • Combat Neutral: With 1 point in Charisma (for a CH of 9) you can recruit Sogg Mead Mug and generally he and you and Virgil can beat them in Melee
  • Combat Magick: With 1 point in the Necromantic Black College and some potions (1 each: haste, fatigue slower, fatigue restorer) you can generally beat them in combat

Options if you Defer or Decline the Quest[]

  • Merchant: With 1000 gp you can pay the toll and pass
  • Thief: With 1 point in Pick Pocket you can steal the key from Lukan and pass
  • Mage: With 2 points in the Conveyance College you can use Unlocking Cantrip on the gate to pass
  • If you deferred the quest, then Lukan will allow you to pass if you destroy the town's building materials. He will then also tell you about The Thieves Underground. This has negative consequences with the local townfolk, however.
  • If you rob the town bank and fail to properly cover up the deed, then you will find Doc Roberts and some of his friends at the gate. Doc and his posse have killed Lukan and his gang for you, but now you have the more difficult situation of getting through them . . .


  • If you successfully removed the thieves, then:
    • At the bridge you get the gate key and a Fate Point
    • Further, returning to the Constable, you will get 50 Gold and 1,000 XP
  • If you did not displace the thieves, but did find a way to pass, then you will have free passage to and from Shrouded Hills
    • As noted, you may take a reputation hit with the citizens of the town
    • As also noted, you may have to fight Doc Roberts and his posse
  • Finally, obtaining information about The Thieves Underground grants you an early opportunity to join the guild once you reach Tarant.