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WARNING: This page may contain spoilers!

"We do not know what life in the Void is like, if it can even be called life. Who knows what sources of power could be found on the other side?" —Nasrudin

The Void is a mysterious location in Arcanum and serves as a point of no return near the end of the game. In terms of game mechanics, you can not travel to the Void from the world map or go back to the "normal" world without cheating or exploiting. However, once you finish the game your character is said to have returned to Arcanum using a device the Black Mountain Clan has constructed.

Conversing with Arronax reveals more information about the Void. It was at one point host to a civilization and was not fractured into isolated islands. However, by the time Arronax was banished there, they were long gone and the land was torn asunder. It is unknown weather the current state of the Void was caused by war, a natural calamity or a result of the previously banished beings that have run amok.


You can find various characters in the Void that have been banished by the Elven Council in the past:

Arronax, Kraka-tur, Gorgoth and The Bane of Kree are potential followers.


Art of the Void islands assembled into a practical map (level design document posted on Facebook on 22 January 2016 by Chad Moore)