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The Camp is located at 268W 824S, on the Northeast edge of the Isle of Despair. It is marked on your map when you talk to Cynthia Boggs in the island's Prison Colony and accept her quest to help her escape the colony.



The Women's Camp is a small oasis with 5 of the tribe's members present. Lorria is on the far left and she is the leader of the tribe. You will need to talk to her to negotiate an escape plan for Cynthia. Note that if the Living One is male, he will need to be actively wearing a head scarf provided by Cynthia BEFORE arriving at the camp. Otherwise the Tribe will attack your party on sight.

If negotiations and the actual escape are successful, then returning to the camp will cause Cynthia to leave the party and join the women's tribe. Also with a high enough persuasion you may learn about Lorria's story.