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For Weapons, see Throwing Weapons
The Skill of Throwing is the capacity to hurl knives, rocks, grenades or other potentially dangerous objects with accuracy. Throwing level is dependent upon Dexterity (DX).


  • Throwing Apprentice The Speed of the Character's throw is increased by 5
    • Trainer: Any guard in any town or city


  • Throwing Weapons are used to deal damage at distance
  • Enemies can often be killed before they can reach the player to engage in Melee
  • Objects like lights (to help with Prowling) and locked items can also be destroyed

Modifiers to Throwing[]

  • Items
    • None
  • Blessings
    • None
  • Races
    • None


  • Some Throwing Weapons like Boomerangs and Chakrams return to the attacker after each attack
  • Some others can be retrieved after battle and reused
  • Non-explosive Throwing Weapons are extremely quiet and are thus suitable for sniping
  • Throwing % to Hit is modified by Perception (PE)
  • Throwing % to Hit decreases by Strength (ST) when it is less than the Throwing Weapon's MSR
  • Throwing % to Hit also decreases with distance, up to the Throwing Weapon's maximum range


  • Throwing attacks can target Specific Body Parts
  • Some Throwing Weapons are Hexed and cast random spells or effects
  • Tech Throwing Weapons can critically fail when used by someone with a positive MA
  • Throwing Daggers are bugged