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Tim Cain was born sometime in the 1900s and will likely die sometime in the 2000s hopefully of old age and not of falling on a fence at the zoo. He's best known for creating Fallout and founding Troika Games.

Timothy Cain, also known and widely refereed to as Tim Cain, is best known as the producer, lead programmer, and one of the main designers of Fallout. After attending college and receiving a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Computer Science, he worked at Interplay Productions from 1992 to 1998.

In addition to Fallout, he was lead programmer on Bard's Tale Construction Set and Rags to Riches, and he also designed and programmed GNW, a user interface and OS-abstraction library, which supports Fallout, Star Fleet Academy, M.A.X., Atomic Bomberman, and several other Interplay titles. He also wrote critical error handling code for Stonekeep and digital sound mixing code for Star Trek 25th Anniversary CD-ROM edition. After helping to complete the initial design for Fallout 2, he left Interplay along with Leonard Boyarsky and Jason Anderson to form Troika Games.

He had an active hand in all of Troika's projects. In Arcanum he was Project Leader and one of the Lead Programmers, in The Temple of Elemental Evil he was Lead Designer/Project Leader, and was on the programming side of Bloodlines.

In October 2007 NCSoft announced the creation of Carbine Studios with Tim Cain as the programming director. Carbine Studios is currently working on an unannounced project, all is known is it will be an MMO and probably with a fantasy setting.

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