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This Page is the starting point for all UAP content that is different from the official game. We can organize and expand it as it grows.

Patching Guide[]

Modding the game via unoffical patches or otherwise can be a great solution for any player that wishes to balance out Arcanum's combat and polish the gameplay in general. A really good installation guide with all the links you may need is AVAILABLE HERE.

Bow picking:[]

There is secret technique of opening the doors, chests, barrels, walls, windows, whatever you wanna open by breaking it

Unlocking in practice

Valid weapons:[]

  • Any bow
  • Hushed Revolver
  • bare fist (very noisy, but still not terrible)
  • Dog attack (noisy again, but better than fist)
  • Danamite or other explosive (most stealth ever - explosion does not alarm npc, just make sure nobody get damaged by it)

What is this all about:[]

Bow picking allow you to destroy anything you need to open without causing people to aggro on you

people can stand right next to opened object as long as player have enough distance to work with

with right positioning player can shot thru destroyed doors to destroy another door or chest

it allow extremely easy solutions to nearly impossible (by stealth) quests like Cassie ring for thieves underground (normally require master prowler and lockpick expert+ and luck)you can use it to get access to suwer room in tarant without alarming anybody

Why should you try it:[]

  • it never critically fails (you shot at dead unmaterial objects, game does not do any calculations/rolls other than damage)
  • Avaible with no skills in bows* Silent and easy
  • Bow and Hushed revolver is more silent than unlock cantrip (same distance shot/cast)
  • safe to use (npc can see you having fun, but move 2 tiles and they can't)
  • can't fail at all - you shot, shot land on target, once target is destroyed its opened
  • allow you to open jammed objects

There must be some downsites:[]

  • chests and barrels destroyed by it will not respawn
  • merchant with destroyed barrel will never function as merchant (his pockets will still respawn gold)
  • cost arrows
  • if npc sleep right in front of the object you shot at, it's not gonna work...(Fitzgerald chest in tarant to obtain vial)
  • require you to carry bow with you in inventory
  • its not the most elegant way of entering, but its unquestionably better than brute force
  • its slower than 100 MA unlock cantrip (if you rush to final boss chamber i still used bow + expert, but single spell on 100 would be better)

Tips and advices:[]

  • Your first visit in Tarant - Weapon shop spawn compound bow - Requires 8 strength and it can be your final weapon for it
  • it's good idea to invest 1 character point into bow to make it endgame viable (1 point + blessing + hexed helmet and you can obtain expert training)
  • otherwise, i think you might be better with master lockpick or 100ma unlock cantrip
  • in Quintara you can perform mithlir delivery quest for best magic bow for this art (25 speed bow with same damage as compund)
  • Bow can be also used for combat, but than game roll chance to hit and other, it's also 2 handed weapon so you can't have shield
  • Do it in Turn-based! (real time is much faster and with expert rival unlock cantrip +100 ma, but you should be observant)
  • in turn-based you are the only person in the fight, means you gain whole next turn once your turn is over and nobody change their position


Shift + click - hold position

Alt + click - attack object(yes can be used together)

F5 - tells companions to fuck off (use after you land 1st shot, otherwise your companions will attack the doors with you and alarm everybody)

R - enter combat mode

F7 - quicksavethis is pretty much it


Be familiar with layout of the interior, you can still target objects under the roof from outside

Geometry is everything when you wanna shot thing when being outside or 2 buildings to the left just adapt your position tile by tile until it works

have fun[]

yes, i think its thieving technique, how else do you wanna open the doors?

Fast Turn-based Zooming[]

This technique is not exactly thieving but usage where its most effective points strongly towards it

Utilization of FTBZ[]

  • Backstabbing
  • Running away

Trap skip

  • Tarant thieves extort skip

Shrouded hills William Radcliff skip

  • treasure dive
  • Fast Travel

How does it works?[]

By entering combat before forced conversation with thieves or other assassins player can zoom thru the map and completely skip encounter

Player can use 90% of their turn to gain as much distance as possible and switch to real time to escape from the enemies

Most insane usage of this technique is hands down during any trap section, what happen than is nothing short of magic

Backstab usage simply happens in combat, you jump on enemies back and use remaining actions to deal backstab damage

Player can use their turn to access treasure chests or others in middle of corridors full of enemies and get away (require some luck)

Fast Turn-based Zoom example:[]

with spot trap skill you can literally step on them without triggering or teleport over some of them like they would not be there

it's hard to explain strength of this technique without showcase

Fast Turn-based Zoom dragging[]

So this method is basically more advanced form of previous thing

  • it utilize Fast turn-based in

connection with Attack order and melee weapon

during the last jump in Fast Zooming you can click alt and left click with melee weapon to extend your distance of the jump

it create weird interactions where enemies can also exceed their turn but they lose distance to the player

on top of that during the drag player recover entire action points counter and can cancel move to attack and keep zooming forward until he spend all action points

This technique is especially usefull for low dexterity character, but anybody can use it

  • Distance of drag is around 10


  • Drag is basically character walk

after spending all action points to get to position

  • Technique is very good in

dungeons such as dreldge

  • most people can trigger it by

accident by trying to zoom towards Entry/exit and see their character walk after using all action points

Schreck Multi-Barreled Pistol[]


This schematic can be found in Tarant inside a cabinet at the Bates' engine factory. It is a quest item for the Tarant Thieves Underground.

Unofficial Arcanum Patch

  • The item derived from this schematic is part of the restored content of Drog Black Tooth's UAP
  • Requires Hand Cannon + Auto Loading Chamber, plus an Expertise level of eighty-five in the Gun Smithy Discipline. 
  • The Hand Cannon can also be obtained from Sammie White, or a part of a quest from [1].
  • Self-loading chambers are sold by Gun Shops. 


  • Fires six bullets per shot
Schreck Multi-Barreled Pistol