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This is a list of items that are one of a kind -- and they cannot be bought or crafted. One way to check if an item is unique is if it is listed in Gamedesc.mes rather than Description.mes.

Fate Point Steal (FPS)[]

Name is self-explainatory

This technique require usage of Fate points mechanics in order to obtain powerful items

(Item is more powerful eariel in comparision to your strength you can get it)

Items worth FPSing[]

List of good to steal items:
Name of the item Location Owner Why is it worth taking? Worth to steal
Ring of Influence Tarant J.M. Morant hands down best ring in the game and best FPS in the game regardless of build (unless you do some extreme cases) 5/5
Sword of Baltar Dernholm Lianna Pel Dar This sword so early given to Sogg or used by strong character outright skips combat for next 30 levels 4/5
Enchanted Gaun Black Root Tailor (female only) increase reaction by 30 and is generally good to have, you can kill owner for it at night (her husband fear you forever, but no other consequences) 3/5 fem

0/5 male

Hand Cannon Tarant Insult Master Normally to get Hand cannon player must perform a lot of gymnastics, shop rolls and gang missions in the boil, this one is in plain sight 2/5
Blessed Scimitar Tarant Magic shop Magic Scimitar wiith to hit bonus, not great, but since i listed revolver i feel obligated to list it - i was personally using this item, not terrible + has own spell with 5 charges 2/5
Almstead's Axe Black root Blacksmith Almstead This Axe have +15 to hit and is NEUTRAL, not great by any means, but better than bow/scimitar 3/5
Amulet of K'an-el Quintara Fawn - heal master So this Amulet gives +4CN and +100% regeneration, most stats in amulet and just insane bonus, only con is how late you can obtain it compared to other items on the list 5/5
Small size power armor Caladon Armorsmith Dwarf shopkeeper wear it as armor, if you are in need for one, there you can get it 4/5
Elite Platemail Caladon Dwarf during persuasion master quest This is only single instance of elite platemail in the game, normally player must craft it and invest 5 points in technology - smithy to do so

This armor can be used to craft mechanized platemail or even Automaton

Mechanized platemail Ashbury Quest giver Player got a quest here to retrieve the armor and obrain 400 coins for doing so, i suggest letting spider go lose, give him armor and wait until night to get it back from his body, however any method to get free power armor is good 5/5
Mechanized platemail Tulla Guy outside During the water gem quest if you keep around some of the technological characters and are in market for one, better late than never 3/5
Caladon Crusaiding Armor Caladon MR.Razzia so funny situation, quest require you to give him armor, but you might want it back, killing him by any means land you in troubles with thieves underground and is considered as bad idea, not finishing the quest is valid option, but i just prefer to steal it back 3/5

Items worth stealing:[]

Note -- we may break this section off to a separate page, and have a list of all unique items that NPCs equip. Because pretty much this is what it is becoming anyway  ;)

outside of FPSes there are other items player might wanna steal

acquiring them can increase character strength, skip problematic quests or improve character stance

Naturally any FPS aquired by regular stealing is cool too

List of good to steal items:
Name of the item Location Owner Why is it worth taking? Worth to steal
Ring of Virility Tarant Mr. Franklin +2 cn in neutral ring - warning, i don't think he ever sleeps and have private guard 5/5
Ristezze's key Shrouded hills Ristezze this key opens Ristezze trading chest, can be used to recover sold camera and withdraw 1000gold daily 5/5
Charming medalion Shrouded hills Ristezze This medalion allow you to cast Charm on characters, increasing their relation score and getting better prices, easy steal at night with 4/20 pickpocket 5/5
Lucky medallion Tarant Vagrant who sleeps in poor inn +1 haggle and +2 gambling, its not premium item by any means, but you will need it for a quest 2/5
Ring of concealment Stillwater Ruby freak bookworm +2 prowling combined with other items of similar effect can give you +8 in total (expert with no cost) 3/5
Tempered iron shield Stillwater Blacksmith Better version of Quality iron shield, good even for more magical characters - easy target at night 4/5
Screaming shield Roseburough Blacksmith Probably best magical shield player can access at the time 5/5
Bates Mansion key Tarant Cedrick Appleby key let you access trapdoor in bates mansion and gain free fate point - can be aquired by other means 5/5
Amulet of weird elven name Stillwater weird noble guy Amulet have bonus to strength and cn, can be traded in shrouded hills for info about quintara, increase regeneration of fatigue and all potions/healing effects by 50%, overall very powerful thing 5/5
Medallion of Beauty Dermholm

Black Root

Woman in inn

wandering woman

if you take detour from tarant to hire Jaina/do sidequest or any other reason, this medallion increase BE by 2, obtained early let you save few coins in shops and will eventually became quest item (woman in dermholm have lower awareness and should be easier as a target) 2/5
Sharpshooter's Pistol Tarant Gun seller This Revolver have +15 to hit, probably best pistol in the game, if you wanna use pistol specifically, this one is right there - can be stolen easily by taking off all ammo from shopkeeper at night 5/5
Long Range Rifle Ashbury Gun smith Not as good as Revolver, but close enough and can be used by half-ogrees 5/5
Blessed bow Tarant Magic shop Magic Bow with to hit bonus, not great, but since i listed revolver i feel obligated to list it - can be stolen easily at night if player steal all ammo 5/5
Helmet of strength Tarant General goods store owner During the night with 4/20 pickpocket apprentice this is easy early game steal from his Head, helmet is neutral and very strong for this part of the game 4/5
Shocking dagger Ashbury Woman in store with fun name next to magic store This dagger given to follower allow them to cast lighting spell in combat while still using good weapon to participate in combat (5/20 thievery + night sleep thieving) 3/5
Barbarian Heavy Blade Isle despeir Maximilian in his lone house This is one of the best neutral melee weapons, it has 17 speed and outdamage balanced sword, good replacer for magic companion or magic main character

easy to steal with 4/20 (1 point pickpocket) at night

Scroll of teleportation Tarant one of guys in blue robes in magic shop Teleportation is incredibly good tool, this scroll obtained early in the game might come handy, scroll is light so stealing it is not a big challenge 3/5
Scroll of teleportation II Caladon Magical clerk guy have it in inventory, but not in selection of goods, its not early teleportation, but still teleportation 2/5
Pyro Bow Tulla Master of Fire Steal all the arrows and take the bow, obtained too late to be anything more than gimmick 2/5
Scroll of teleportation III Tulla Master of this purple magic with 3 good spells guy have scroll in his inventory, every mage is tulla have scrolls, but here you have teleportation on top of portals in Head mage room 2/5