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Unlocking Cantrip is the second spell in the college of Conveyance


  • It is used to bypass locks on doors, windows, and containers.


  • It cannot bypass a Mage Locked item.
  • It will not disarm any traps
  • It cannot disable a lock with a difficulty level greater than the caster's MA.
  • The Iron Chest in Tarant cannot be opened with Unlocking Cantrip unless you use a Fate Point for maximum power.

Additional Sources[]

  • Scrolls are sold in Magick Shops.


  • While not technically a Thieving Skill, Unlocking Cantrip (also known as "UC") is the mage's counterpart to the Tech Skill of Pick Locks.
    • Locks never jam with UC
    • Unlike Pick Lock, a lock disabled by UC will always stay unlocked.
    • That comes in handy as some owners actively move around (guards) or move based on the clock (merchants). Some locks (particularly doors) also cycle locked and unlocked based on the clock. You can plan and use this if a series of doors must be opened over a period of time to reach your target.
  • UC requires an unobstructed line of sight between the caster and the target
    • This can be through an OPEN door or a non-shuttered window, even when the target gets overlaid by the isometric view of a roof or wall
    • Obstructions are usually any sprite: ie. wall, closed door, NPC, follower, etc
    • So while casting through a window, or running outside and casting on a target inside BEFORE the door closes is a viable option, you have to make sure that you have a good angle to maintain that direct line of sight
  • UC is very loud
    • The noise from UC comes from the caster, NOT from the target
    • Lock owners are the only ones who will respond to tampering, and they are usually obvious (merchants, city guards, home owners).
    • The general rule of thumb is that the caster needs to be about 8 tiles away from the target owner, but this can be heavily modified
  • Modifiers that can shorten the distance are things like:
    • Low difficulty locks,
    • If the caster is prowling while casting,
    • Wearing noise reduction gear (+NP)
    • Low Perception of the owner
  • Modifiers that can lengthen the distance are things like:
    • High difficulty locks
    • Noise generating gear (-NP)
    • High Perception of the owner
    • Multiple owners in the same area
  • Generally:
    • Most NPCs are greedy and will pick up dropped coins. You can use this by strategically placing a coin someplace that takes the target owner out of your casting range
    • Indirectly killing an NPC owner, then unlocking the target, then resurrecting said NPC will prevent them from going hostile on you. But this sometimes will reset an NPC's dialogue tree, and can mess up a quest.