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Vendigroth was a highly advanced civilization which was unfortunately destroyed around two thousand years ago by Arronax singlehandedly. It was located in the north-east section of Arcanum. All that remains of their civilization are the Vendigroth Ruins in the Vendigroth Wastes. Vendigroth was populated by humanoids known as Vendigrothians. The Arcanum manual never mentions Vendigroth or its inhabitants.

Vendigroth was a terranean civilization, and also partially subterranean. Judging from their ancient newspapers, it contained hospitals, universities (the University of Vendigroth), schools (The Engineering School), factories (Scanlan’s Factory), charity balls (by the Ladies Society of Vendigroth), ports (South Port, a part of Dixon’s Landing), and councils. It is also apparent from the ruins that they constructed laboratories, parks, and (naturally) residences. Shops are neither undoubtedly seen nor specifically mentioned, but are at least implied; their currency was Gold coins, just like today.

The history of Vendigroth, prior to its destruction, is poorly known. We can infer that they advanced like any other civilization, but with the one difference being extreme celerity.


Vendigrothian technology was, and still is, incredibly advanced; they had mastered technology even before the dwarves did. They had constructed sprockets (one which is found in the Bessie Toone Mine), potent firearms, both one-handed and two-handed, gloves, gauntlets, vehicles (a submersible, and, judging from an ending slide, automobiles), automata, electric traps, keys, filaments, pocket watches, looking glasses, gears, an anti-mage device &c. Vendigrothian items include:

Standard furniture (beds, chairs, chests &c.) was also available to them. In addition, the monument at the Vendigroth Ruins carries a Sword, but no melee can be found in the ruins, so they were probably only used historically. It is uncertain if they ever used Bows.


Vendigroth had a government, with one governor known as Nikolai and a cabinet, who all held meetings with each other, but the exact nature of their political system remains unclear. At one point (probably before Arronax’s arrival), the governor considered a bill to prohibit the vending of spirits within confines of the city proper. Over three decades prior, there was a prohibition era, which had increased crime and work absenteeism. The governor also considered lowering the levy of incomes by two coins for every fifty earned. Criticism of the government was permitted, which indicates that Vendigroth probably had liberal approaches to both speech and the press. They also experienced crime.

Their government funded a project known to the press as Freuhoff’s Device (otherwise known as the Vendigrothian Device) shortly after Arronax intimidated Nikolai, but its innermost workings were kept secret to the public.


Little is known about Vendigrothian culture. There are almost no traces of arts, with the most obvious exception of one mostly destroyed monument. Nonetheless, some of their behavior and be discerned. Their newspapers indicate that they viewed death as tragic, took intimidation seriously and took precautions against such. At least some Vendigrothians were respectful and generous. A Vendigrothian park contains an altar for Velorien, which indicates that some Vendigrothians probably practiced religion. Almost nothing is known about their cuisine, but a bag of sugar can be found in their ruins. The mentioning of spirits indicates that some Vendigrothians consumed alcohol. It is unclear if they ever had their own language, but given some of the unusual personal names, it’s possible. They had a press called The Vendigroth Times, with each paper costing two coins. The papers are legible even today.