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Vendigroth device arcanum

The Vendigroth Device (also referred to as Freuhoff’s Device) is a Vendigrothian anti-mage weapon designed by Samuel Freuhoff in the times before Vendrigroth's destruction at the hands of Arronax. While the official press statement said that the device has the capability of wrenching the very life force from a mage's body (with no hope of magkical resurrection possible), the actual function is arguably more insidious. Powerful mages (like Arronax) have the ability to seal themselves in a regenerative cocoon at the moment of death, healing their wounds and increasing their lifespans; the device was specifically designed to counter this technique, exploiting the fragile balance between magic and science to invert the cocoon and make it rip the mage's body apart.

This is the only way to kill Kerghan aside from Kryggird's Falchion.

The player can obatain this device during the The Main Quest on either good or evil path.