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"He’s definitely not a good character. He’s a Gnome, and he’s sneaky. Still, he’s handy in an adventure as long as you don’t expect him to be a front-line warrior or for him to carry a lot of weight."


Vollinger can be found at the bar of King's Inn & Pub in Dernholm until the player visits T'sen-Ang. After that he leaves the game forever.


Vollinger is willing to provide Apprentice training for several morally questionable skills. He is mostly unwilling to chat, but expresses interest if the player discusses their recent events.


  • Vollinger will join as a temporary Follower provided:
    • The party has an open follower slot
    • The player is at least level 14
    • The player discloses that they are the lone survivor of the Blimp Crash
    • Vollinger generally leaves when the party concludes their business in T'sen-Ang if there is not an amicable parting with the Molochean Hand
  • He will offer to join as a regular follower provided:
  • He can also become a permanent follower if he waits outside of T'sen-Ang, and then rejoins after the player has finished business within

Special Follower Considerations[]

  • Vollinger will no longer offer Apprentice training once he has become a follower
  • Vollinger will get upset (to the point of becoming hostile) if the player attacks Dernholm residents
  • This includes Sir Garrick Stout, so you will need to make him wait while doing the Dodge and/or Melee Mastery quests
  • If he does becomes upset (without going full hostile) then he can be placated with some Absinthe


  • Vollinger has a running travelogue for the darker or mysterious elements of most places that the party visits
  • He evokes an objection from Virgil should the player attempt to engage with him
  • He can interact with Gideon Laier
  • He has additional dialogue with the player if he leaves the party at T'sen-Ang and they later meet again alone at his house

Levelling Scheme[]

Vollinger is a gunslinger who also learns degrees in the disciplines of Chemistry and Gun Smithy
Show Details

  • Melee 1
  • Gun Smithy 1
  • Firearms 1
  • Chemistry 1
  • Prowling 1
  • Max HPs 38
  • Gun Smithy 2
  • Firearms 2
  • Chemistry 2
  • Prowling 2
  • Gambling 1
  • Max HPs 54
  • Melee 2
  • Gun Smithy 3
  • Firearms 3
  • Chemistry 3
  • Prowling 2
  • Max HPs 70
  • Gun Smithy 4
  • Firearms 4
  • Chemistry 4
  • Prowling 3
  • Gambling 2
  • Max HPs 86
  • Melee 3
  • Firearms 5
  • Prowling 4
  • Max HPs 98
  • Perception 19
  • Prowling 5
  • Gambling 3
  • Max HPs 110
  • Perception 20
  • Melee 4
  • Max HPs 120
  • Gambling 4
  • Max HPs 128
  • Melee 5
  • Dexterity 19
  • Max HPs 138
  • Dexterity 20
  • Max HPs 400



Vollinger is a member of the Molochean Hand sent to spy on the survivor of the blimp crash. Not much else is known about him.


Due to an Exploit, there is an Alternate Version of Vollinger that can be recruited later in the game if he leaves the group in T'sen-Ang.