Waromon is a member of the Bedokaan people, the "amazing lizardman".

The Living One can recruit him as a follower.

Waromon is unaffected by a character's beauty and cannot wear armor, though he can wear helms, gauntlets, boots, and jewelry. He has naturally high AC and resistance.


Combat Skills Edit

Waromon is good at Melee and Bows.

Magickal abilitiesEdit

Waromon uses magickal spells of the Fire and Nature spell colleges.

Recruiting Waromon as a follower Edit

To get Waroman to join your party, you must resolve the conflict with the poachers through dialogue. Then, if you tell the Bedokaan chieftain Kan Kerai your story, he'll suggest you take Waroman with you to help you out. Waromon will eventually gain Expert training with bows and Master training with melee weapons weapons, so he's a good companion to have if you're diplomatic enough to get him.

Gallery Edit