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"I am Weldo Rubin, the renowned halfling adventurer, at your service. I found this one city, way out in the wastes, surrounded by shifting sands. No roads led into or out of the place. There was no obvious entrance, so I climbed the surrounding wall. From that vantage I could see the whole place. Yeah, there were a lot of people inside, lots of different races. Everyone was wearing robes and acting very polite and all.”
-A Conversation with Weldo Rubin


Weldo Rubin can be found at his campsite at the bridge to the Vendigroth Wastes.

Circumstances and Quests[]

  • Weldo will chat with the player about his adventures and discoveries in the Wastes.
  • He can also mark Tulla on the player's map, if:
    • The player has at least two and a half ranks (10/20) Persuasion
    • OR The player pays 100 GP
  • Otherwise he will send the player to perform a quest for him


  • Weldo will join as a regular Follower provided:
    • The Player does not have Dumb Dialogue speech
    • The party has an open follower slot
    • The player is at least level 24
    • Weldo has not marked the player's map with Tulla in a previous discussion
    • And one of the following additional conditions:
      • The player is a Halfling, OR
      • The player is not Evil. OR
      • The player has at least two and a half ranks (10/20) Persuasion


As a follower, Weldo has no useful dialogue or interactions

Levelling Scheme[]

Weldo has no leveling scheme. His skills are as follows:

Special Follower Considerations[]

  • Weldo appears to be severely bugged, as:
    • He is only level 25 in a late-game location
    • As noted, he has no leveling scheme
    • He has 34 unused (and unusable) Character Points
  • As such his usefulness is extremely limited or simply niche, as:
    • He has no offensive combat skill or spells
    • He comes equipped with only a Fine Steel Dagger, a Small Wool Jacket, and a set of standard Lockpicks
  • He usefulness may be increased with appropriate neutral and tech items to boost some of his skills and stats, if:
    • The party needs a thief with whom to explore the Vendigroth Ruins
    • The party needs a general mule
    • The party needs an emergency medic and equips him with a Staff of Healing for combat spell charges casting



Weldo is a Halfling adventurer, and quite proud of it. He finds other Halflings a little boring, thus his chosen profession. He is brave, but not reckless. In a pinch he could prove to be a useful guide and a temporary burglar for a party while exploring the Wastes of Vendigroth.


  • While mentioned by name in Prima's Official Strategy Guide as a quest NPC, Weldo is not listed as a possible follower.
  • There is a Bug Fix Available that alters his stats and gives him an Auto Levelling Scheme to properly level up